Rise through the Mud or Let Go of the Root

Something very strange has happened to me over the last month or two (yes, during this pandemic). I’m starting to figure out how to let go of the things I can’t control. It only took me 39 years. The ultimate question remains… Do you rise through the mud or do you simply let go ofContinue reading “Rise through the Mud or Let Go of the Root”

3 Ways to Embrace Change for Positive Growth

What do you think of when you hear change is coming? Does it strike a little fear in your heart? Be honest, it does. Even just the word “change” has a feeling of dread because it means that things will be different. Your gut reaction is to say, no thanks, I’m good. Welp, life doesn’tContinue reading “3 Ways to Embrace Change for Positive Growth”

An Attitude of Gratitude for 2020

I’ve realized something. Being a wife, a stepmom and a human being…gratitude goes a very long way. When you reach a level in your life where you have to stop fighting the fight, it really helps to switch your mental wellbeing to an attitude of gratitude. Do you ever find yourself caught in the middleContinue reading “An Attitude of Gratitude for 2020”