Content Marketing 101: What Not To Do In 2020

It’s almost 2020. Yes, you can start freaking out. If you are trying to make some changes in your life, growing a business or simply writing for cathartic reasons, we need to talk about content marketing. There is so much content out there that it’s easy to fall right into the pool of what-not-to-dos. InContinue reading “Content Marketing 101: What Not To Do In 2020”

How to Make your Content Sing

Don’t do it.  Don’t be like everybody else. We know content is king.  We got it.  We understand it needs to be creative, it needs to stand out – but HOW do we do it?  Many people would say research.  Tons of people would say influencers.  Most people say images, videos or stimulation.  What doContinue reading “How to Make your Content Sing”