Digital Art Revolution: Procreate Review 2.0

So my husband bought me Procreate for the iPad, along with an Apple Pencil. Yes, he’s a great husband that’s very supportive of my art habit. He’s also a creative person in the technical world. He’s a UX/UI Lead Interactive Designer to be exact, so that’s pretty techy. He introduced the word of digital artContinue reading “Digital Art Revolution: Procreate Review 2.0”

Squashing the Starving Artist Mentality

Starving artist might be my least favorite term in the world. One of the biggest challenges I have as an artist, digital marketer and content writer is finding my worth and putting a price on my value. What’s the right price for valuable work? Over the years I’ve gained my experience, I believe. Let’s takeContinue reading “Squashing the Starving Artist Mentality”

How to Lose a Job and Find a Career Gracefully

Look, no one said life would be easy. When you lose a job, you lose part of yourself. We’ve all heard it before. The ups and downs of life. Get ready for the ride! You will have good times, you will have bad times. You will grow through them…you will learn from each decision made…yadaContinue reading “How to Lose a Job and Find a Career Gracefully”

How Art Can Heal Your Soul

  Here is a real life story of how art can heal. When I was 20 years old I got a gift card to a spa for a relaxing massage. It was a much-needed escape until the masseuse said, “You have a large mass on your shoulder.”   When words like that hit you, thereContinue reading “How Art Can Heal Your Soul”