CONFESSIONS: How to Change Your Money Mentality from Spending to Saving

By Caylin White | March 6, 2017 | Having the right money mindset is important — not only for your present self but also for the future. Only by changing your money mentality from spending to saving will you be able to achieve your goals in life.   Whether you are looking to start a new business, build aContinue reading “CONFESSIONS: How to Change Your Money Mentality from Spending to Saving”

Facebook: The Truth Behind Your Love-Hate Relationship

Facebook: The Truth Behind Your Love-Hate Relationship Everyone strives to be unique, strives to be heard, strives to find purpose.  That is a loaded sentence, but it is loaded with truth. Facebook tries to pull uniqueness, a voice and originality into its pretty basic platform, right?  It’s blue and white, standard textbook, you can’t changeContinue reading “Facebook: The Truth Behind Your Love-Hate Relationship”

5 Ways To Stay Inspired Daily

Life moves pretty fast…we all know the quote.  We all feel you, Ferris.  So, it’s sometimes a struggle to stay inspired?  So what?  You are HUMAN.  Remember that life isn’t always going to just provide you with motivation, inspiration and daily gratitude.  So you muster it up, you pull it out and you make itContinue reading “5 Ways To Stay Inspired Daily”