CBCInked Saves your Social Media Webcast

Introducing a fun new webinar-podcast mashup: CBCInked Saves your Social Media Webcast! These Webcasts were my idea to get a positive concept out into the world about how to be on social media without drowning in the mix. Just shoot me your email, get the video download link and enjoy the free marketing training onContinue reading “CBCInked Saves your Social Media Webcast”

How to Dial Down the Social Media Noise and Still Stay Positive

The media can be incredibly overwhelming. Learning how to dial down the social media noise is a full time job. Since the global pandemic my family now refers to as “Rona”, I’ve learned how impactful the media – specifically social media – can be on your mental health. I live and breathe social media, marketingContinue reading “How to Dial Down the Social Media Noise and Still Stay Positive”

WordPress Community Building For Growth

Whether you’re new to WordPress or a long-time pal, you have to admit that the community is one of a kind. The people of WordPress are just plain genuine. They are all united under the same principle of passion for WordPress and it shines through whenever you meet them. Have you been to a WordPressContinue reading “WordPress Community Building For Growth”