HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification Highlights + Tips (2019)

The HubSpot Academy is one of my favorite things on this planet. This company has chosen to educate their audience, for free, with priceless skills that will last a lifetime. What could be better than that?. I have six certifications with HubSpot, including Content Marketing. Which is by far, my favorite of them all becauseContinue reading “HubSpot’s Content Marketing Certification Highlights + Tips (2019)”

Content Marketing 101: What Not To Do In 2020

It’s almost 2020. Yes, you can start freaking out. If you are trying to make some changes in your life, growing a business or simply writing for cathartic reasons, we need to talk about content marketing. There is so much content out there that it’s easy to fall right into the pool of what-not-to-dos. InContinue reading “Content Marketing 101: What Not To Do In 2020”

11 Instagram Influencers to Follow For a Healthy Mind and Body (2019)

Instagram is a wonderful tool for wellness. Also, creativity…positivity…photography… Whether you have just been diagnosed with something (like me) or you are just on the pursuit for a happy, healthy life – you need these people. It can be massively overwhelming when you first hit the healthy lifestyle scene. Detox this, drink that, don’t eatContinue reading “11 Instagram Influencers to Follow For a Healthy Mind and Body (2019)”

3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Organically

Website traffic has to be your number one goal if you are trying to be remotely successful in your art journey. Or any journey for that matter. If you are starting your website from scratch or you are a technical ninja, you need to know how to get eyeballs on it. If you need helpContinue reading “3 Ways to Increase Website Traffic Organically”