How to Lose a Job and Find a Career Gracefully

Look, no one said life would be easy. We've all heard it before. The ups and downs of life. Get ready for the ride! You will have good times, you will have bad times. You will grow through will learn from each decision made...yada yada. You get it. But what I am going to … Continue reading How to Lose a Job and Find a Career Gracefully

The creation of CBCInked's artistic affirmations

Adventures in Artfirmations

We're going on an adventure! That's all I can think about when I look back at my artistic adventures.  I went on the adventure of a lifetime. Literally, I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going and what I should be wearing for it.  But alas, I stumbled upon the most … Continue reading Adventures in Artfirmations

caylin white

How the ‘Sales Game’ Finds You

  Some people say that a field of interest will call to you.  Some go as far as to say you will know it (you will FEEL it) when you find it.  And, some have no idea what they are doing at all and it just hits you.  Bam - square in the face, here it … Continue reading How the ‘Sales Game’ Finds You