Digital Art Revolution: Procreate Review 2.0

So my husband bought me Procreate for the iPad, along with an Apple Pencil. Yes, he’s a great husband that’s very supportive of my art habit. He’s also a creative person in the technical world. He’s a UX/UI Lead Interactive Designer to be exact, so that’s pretty techy. He introduced the word of digital artContinue reading “Digital Art Revolution: Procreate Review 2.0”

The Anatomy of Anxiety (+ Truths, Myths and Tools)

Anxiety is real guys. No matter what David Rose from Schitt’s Creek says. Anxiety is like an abusive family member coming to visit, staying way too long and never, ever leaving. The dread is real. Understanding that you have anxiety is the beginning of a very long battle. For me it happened with the deathContinue reading “The Anatomy of Anxiety (+ Truths, Myths and Tools)”