A Rain Dance

This week I am adding the ‘ink’ to the mix by getting my work up on my cite www.cbcink.com! It is so exciting to be working with people in cyber-space that are so amazing. I will be adding five pieces and a link to a site that sells my art as well.

I also donated five more pieces to Enchanted Makeovers for their big event in October. Still so in love with that company.

CBCInk business cards are on their way in snail mail so they will be out in the world soon enough.

My plan to come is to gear up for the next art show September 3rd in Marietta Square… should be fun. Let’s do a rain dance this time.CBCcard

Planting more beans…

Five Points, Four Friends, Three coffee shops, Two cameras and One sketchbook.  This was my Saturday as I hit the streets again to see if Little 5 Points would sponsor CBCInk.

Thanks to a few friends, I got some awesome pictures and good feedback.  I am emailing Mark at Beep Beep Gallery to see if I can be a part of the “Atlanta’s Emerging Artists” and Aurora Coffee Shop may cycle my work in next month.  It was fun seeing the art in the city and trying to become a part of it!

*Special thanks to Erin, Mark and Shauna for coming alone and snappin’ memories of Ink!  Each bean counts!


If you build it….they will come!

So it is officially official.  Or as Pat would say, “An official fully.”  After the launch of www.cbcink.com the work just flooded me this week!  One tattoo, one print, three orders, a call from the director of Enchanted Makeovers, and a Life University logo + swag = exhausted CBCINK!

I am so grateful to be spreading this art love!  Thanks to ALL my peeps who have backed me, believed in me and supported me in this – I could NOT have done this without you…
And now…




and a coming soon that is scary.  Scary because it’s so close.


The calm after the storm

What a whirlwind!  This has been so much fun seeing where I can go!  The Artwalk was a success – I had a great time and even made it through the rain.  We had a LOT of exposure and I saw WE because ALL of my wonderful friends showed up to support me and that made all the difference.  Cool Beans coffee shop asked me to be a part of their next month’s showing and that is a great thing!  I received a lot of warm wishes, compliments and EMAILS!  (To which I followed up on…)

All in all, I got three orders, a tattoo design and great experience for my next show September 3rd!  Now it’s planning…replenish my business cards (I gave them all away!!), make more prints, create some cards, and work on more exposure before the show!
A newspaper writer for Life Universities Vital Source offered to put me in there for a little exposure (much thanks to the wonderful Jamie Foster) and things are looking good!  Next stop – Cool Beans!


Making a little birdhouse in my soul!

Faith is not something to grasp. It is a state to grow into.

Just a little affirmation to put that ‘abundance vibe’ out there…

Affirmations for Abundance

  • I prosper wherever I turn and I know that I deserve prosperity of all kinds
  • The more grateful I am, the more reasons I find to be grateful
  • I pay my bills with love as I know abundance flows freely through me.

I might say it a few times just to be sure. 😉

Wishing everyone abundance today!


Random Acts of Inkness

Today was a milestone for me!!  So many good things happened that I feel fortunate to be CBCInk for the first time in a while.   I have filmed my excursion to Marietta Square in the hopes of getting my artwork to the streets.  Check out my video (compliments of a great friend Mark Huvenaars):


ALSO…it gets better.  Today I sold a tattoo design for a friend of a family crest $50.oo (cha-ching) AND I donated two pieces to a foundation for a batter women/homeless shelter called www.enchantedmakeovers.org.  It felt really good!

I also am making copies of all my art for my co-workers and ended up selling one today by word of mouth!  Universe is working her magic today!

Feeling good.  Looking good.  Doing good.

*For my next trick:  Marietta Square Artwalk Friday August 3rd!  CBCInking up the streets.  🙂

Centering my Creative Chi

Today is a full moon.  “New beginnings” is a new way for me to look at it.  I have been using full moons for an excuse to be crazy for a long time now.  Time to turn a new leaf and look at it ‘creatively’.   Last week I was introduced to this test:


It is a fun way to learn about yourself in a whole new light.  We always measure ourselves by how much we know, or how far we’ve come…well this is a fun way to see who you are from a creative point of view.  I learned a lot about myself through this little exercise, so check it out.

This week is dedicated to doing something creative and exciting that I haven’t done before.  I am going to capture myself on video (with the help of my techies) getting out in the community to see if I can spread the CBCInk seed.  I will visit Little Five Points in Atlanta and see if I can get my pieces hosted there.  I will scavenge coffee shops and restaurants to see if they will take some art.  I will even venture into some tattoo shops to see if they would like to incorporate my designs into their magic.  Fingers crossed, I will get some takers.  Keep yours eyes open for the video posting soon!

Wish me luck and creative speed.