Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

Today, July 16th, 2010 I am making a personal vow to finish my 10,000 hours.  The way I figure it, I probably already have half accomplished.  I have been drawing since I was 6 years old.  I have been artsy in some way, shape or form at least once a day since then.

Pursuing my Fine Arts degree was something I decided to do after I had my first Intro to Art class freshman year in 1999.  Both of my parents are artists and they always saw a creative side to things.  After I put in my educational hours, I decided that I would need to perfect it by doing my own ‘thang’ on my own time.  I started filling up sketchbooks left and right.

In school, they teach you that you need a studio, you need an easel, you need a large canvas…  This girl needed her sketchbook and a wicked set of markers.  All I truly needed was motivation.  After I filled up one sketchbook, I just kept on going.  That was when I realized that people started to notice my work.  I would get comments like, “That would be a great tattoo!” or “Why don’t you write for Hallmark cards?”  and it became inspirational.

The following year I dove into Ann Arbor, MI head on in the hopes to be a part of their annual Art Fair.  I joined four unique boutiques that hosted my work and sold it without any cut!  Geechi Bleu ended up signing me on to design clothing for them.  I painted a mural for their outside advertisement and made them custom designs with their logo on it.  It was all happening!

‘Vault of Midnight’ was a comic book store that took my cartoons in and sold them for a cheap rental place and those sold like hot-cakes!  It became very exciting to check out all my new shops.

‘Fly Clothing’ hosted my prints in their Unique Boutique and I sold 5 copies during Art Fair alone.  Business was a boomin’!  I took some time to make business cards and create a small Flickr photo site.   There was also a boutique called ‘Foggy Bayou’ that I hand-made cards for and sold for a cheap price.  And it was at this point I decided to start selling my prints on ‘’ (before it was a scam site).  I sold a few and the checks were coming in the mail…

In the middle of my successes, my life altered and I decided to move…to Florida.  I needed a fresh slate and boy, oh boy, did I get one.  I still continued to sell things in Michigan, however it declined slightly.  After a while, I moved to Georgia to be with my current boyfriend, and here I am!

Now, I am ready to get back on the creative horse and get my art out there!  I started drawing again in January 2010 and am realizing that the life changing decision has changed my style – for the better!  It is exciting to see a new me in a new light.   I am ready to sharpen my saw!

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