Centering my Creative Chi

Today is a full moon.  “New beginnings” is a new way for me to look at it.  I have been using full moons for an excuse to be crazy for a long time now.  Time to turn a new leaf and look at it ‘creatively’.   Last week I was introduced to this test:

It is a fun way to learn about yourself in a whole new light.  We always measure ourselves by how much we know, or how far we’ve come…well this is a fun way to see who you are from a creative point of view.  I learned a lot about myself through this little exercise, so check it out.

This week is dedicated to doing something creative and exciting that I haven’t done before.  I am going to capture myself on video (with the help of my techies) getting out in the community to see if I can spread the CBCInk seed.  I will visit Little Five Points in Atlanta and see if I can get my pieces hosted there.  I will scavenge coffee shops and restaurants to see if they will take some art.  I will even venture into some tattoo shops to see if they would like to incorporate my designs into their magic.  Fingers crossed, I will get some takers.  Keep yours eyes open for the video posting soon!

Wish me luck and creative speed.


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