Marketing Magician, Social Media Manager and Avid Artist

Marketing Magician, Influencer outreach specialist, energy enthusiast, salesgirl, avid artist, life lover, networking guru, content marketing genius, organic chef, organizer of chaos, amateur life coach, semi-professional gamer, smile generator, sunshine sucker, and lover of all things creative. That’s my official bio.

I am also a big fan of HubSpot, Canva, NuLeaf and probably 99 more! If you are interested in collaborating with me, connecting with me or just plain saying hi. Please do. 

Certified Email Marketing, Content Marketing, Inbound Sales and Marketing Specialist, HubSpot 2018

I hail from Michigan but have since been a transplanted peach in Atlanta, GA. Catch me hanging with my husbear, side-kick step daughter and adorable pup, Sophie. 

Follow my rants, random photos and things I find interesting on Twitter @CBCInked

Gram with me and my adventures on Insta @CBCInked


-Caylin Brie Caruso (CBCInked)


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Repurpose house

Top Ways to Stay Ahead of The Curve With Sales, Marketing, and Life Balance with Caylin White

WPMRR podcast

WordPress podcast with Caylin White

Caylin talks about her adventures as an artist and how she leveraged those skills to become a marketing magician. We chat all about meditation, Lord of the Rings, floating in space, and much, much more. Enjoy!


When it comes to remote work, many of us picture the ease of lounging on our couches in our PJs while plugging away on our laptop. But if we’re not mindful, this way of life can cause our overall well-being to fall off track.

Meet Caylin White, Sales, Marketing, and Account Representative in Atlanta, Georgia. She’s sharing her self-care wins & struggles while working remote in this episode of AvoCAREdo.

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