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On a recent meeting, one of my esteemed co-workers said, “Can you please unmute yourself and give a round of applause for all that you do”. And it dawned on me. It’s time to unmute.

We are programmed to be on mute! I think it’s time to leave the mute button off, don’t you?

What a crazy metaphor for life right now. We have been locked down, forced into fear about our health, rebirthed and now…now what? Well, hope is now what.

It’s time to have some hope for the future and its definitely time to unmute.

The Year of Unmuting

The fact that someone had to personally request their team unmute to actually hear their voices is a sign that we have been silent for too long.

Here’s the real deal – mute is soooo 2020. The entire phrase of, Karen you’re on mute needs to get gone. Be done.

What exactly am I saying? I’m saying it’s time to speak up, be heard and get loud.

Where are you in your life? It’s 2021, you survived a pandemic. You fed into the bs, you lived through it all. You made choices that you never thought you would need to tackle, ever. You are now physically, emotionally, and spiritually a different person, even if you don’t subscribe.

So now what?

Well, we’ve been talking to mute for years. Isn’t it time we just unmute and say how we feel? Isn’t it the craving for connection that is really driving us to look forward to meetings?

I don’t know about you but my entire philosophy on meetings has changed. I now look forward to each meeting – seeing everyone’s face – laughing through all the things…it’s the OG watercooler grind.

Your Mental Health Depends on The Unmute Button

Spoiler alert – remote work does not have to be isolating. It doesn’t have to be a drag, all by yourself. You can actually create genuine relationships across the web.

Michelle Frechette of WPCoffeetalk and GiveWP and all the WordPress things, is a perfect example of this beautiful thing called a virtual friendship. We connected in the WordPress community and are now supporting each other in all aspects of our lives – and I’ve never met her IRL.

Why do Michelle and I work so well? Well, we’ve never been on mute. We have had the chance to be ourselves around each other – no matter what.

This led to a beautiful relationship with Big Orange Heart where I contribute blogs (about belief), volunteer my time to help organize events on mental health awareness…and it’s just so serendipitous because…

This is all because I didn’t mute myself. I spoke up and out and built these amazing relationships that have literally gotten me through this life.

Shout out to everyone who has encouraged me to speak my mind!

Unmute Your Life

Listen, it’s not about the distracting noises or the respect of your coworkers – it’s about speaking up when you have something awesome to contribute and never being sorry about it.

Unmute your life, dude. Do all the things you are scared to do. Be brave to face the day with a new attitude – you pick the metaphor and run with it.

It’s funny, I wrote a post about how to overcome virtual fatigue and I think I just realized the answer…turn on your microphone.

Where are you muted in your life? Outside of Zoom, are you stifling your voice? Are you sitting down where you know you could stand up? Yeah, I think it’s time to stop all that.

What would happen if we lived in a non-muted world where everyone had value, everyone had worth and everyone’s voice counted? It would be loud, but it would be proud.

CBCInked Wrap Up: Be Loud

I don’t know if it’s summer vibes or gaining more knowledge about myself, but I feel like I turned a corner personally. I have learned more about who I am in the last month than I have in the last few years.

Being able to be in a supportive team setting professionally is more important than the paycheck. Working with and being around people that actually make me happy to be me – is priceless.

I am honored to unmute and speak my peace (no matter how ridiculous) with my people. You know who you are.

And I appreciate you listening to me rant. I hope you decide to unmute on your next meeting and bring some fun things to the table. After all, the future is ours.

The new phrase for 2021 is be loud.



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