4 Tips to Pamper Your New Pet With a New Business

new pet and new business

Have you decided that now is the time for a new pet and a new business?

Launching a business while also welcoming a new pet into your home can present some unique challenges. But it also affords you the chance to learn, grow, and build the life you truly want. 

After all, pets are the BEST.

Nothing wonderful in life is ever truly easy, and pet ownership and business ownership can be the same! Yet, you’ll soon be one professional whose business and overall life are enriched by bringing home the pet you’ve always wanted.

Ready to learn how to pamper your pet while juggling new work responsibilities? #newpet

Here are some smart and practical tips to keep you grounded while bonding with your new furry family member.

Prioritize Your Pet

Balance in your daily life takes effort, especially during the transitional time as your pet is settling in at the same time you’re juggling a new business. But keep in mind that new pets need time to get comfortable and bond with you.

Shelter pets, especially, may need some additional TLC. Plus, you need the stress relief your pet provides!

It just makes sense to take breaks during the day to tend to your pet’s needs. For one thing, studies suggest that petting or spending time with your critter can boost your mood, per the National Institutes of Health. Caring for a four-legged friend can also mean more exercise in your daily routine. Work is essential, true. 

But so is maintaining your mental health — and your furry new friend is the perfect de-stressor you can tap daily!

Create Routines

Routines are vital for successful business owners — just ask experts, like the founder of Twitter, how they structure their days. 

Schedules are also handy for your new pet. Both of you need regular wake and bedtimes to maintain energy levels during the day. Regular snack or mealtimes are a must for regulating moods and keeping metabolism up.

 A bit of a break for relaxation and getting outside is also beneficial. Fresh air can be rejuvenating for creative minds, and whether you have a pocket-sized critter or a large dog, some time in the sunshine can do you good.

Exercise should also be part of your day, whether you have a pet or not. Most business owners are too harried to make time for hitting the gym, though. With a walkable pet — a dog, of course — you have a built-in excuse to reconnect with nature and enjoy the great outdoors. Whatever your routine is, make sure it works for you and your new family member. 

Tweak your day until you feel refreshed in the morning and ready for rest at night, and you’ll both feel more balanced and happier.

Establish Creative Areas

You need a workspace that speaks to you creatively and allows you to focus. 

Your pet needs a comfortable space where they feel safe and can be near you. You can achieve both with a well-thought-out office area. After all, separation anxiety is real, especially with a rescue pet or younger animal. 

While felines can be finicky, dogs often want to keep their humans in sight. All free-roaming critters need a comfortable sleep area, access to food and water, and some form of entertainment. Keeping their spot near yours can help with bonding, plus give you an incentive to take regular breaks and breathers. 

For your work area, outline your needs based on your industry or specialty. For example, artists might need more floor or wall space for their works-in-progress. Techies may require more desk area for multiple monitors or technology setups. 

Regardless of your niche, make sure that your work area has plenty of natural — or as close to natural as possible — lighting. Aim for access to a window or another source of fresh air and keep the space uncluttered (except for those pet toys, of course).

Outsource Essentials

Learning to delegate is often a tough exercise for business owners. But when it comes to those tasks that make you sigh with frustration, outsourcing becomes a necessity.

Outsourcing essential yet dull tasks free up your creative working time. It also ensures you’re not sitting at your desk longer than is necessary. 

You may love your work, but that doesn’t mean you need to put in twice the hours that an average day job would require.

A simple solution to this challenge of working for yourself is to outsource tasks to other professionals. Delegating means you can dedicate your creative hours to bigger tasks — likegrowing and advancing your business. It also means business is taken care of without you burning the midnight oil.

To find qualified freelancers for the job, consider which tasks you can outsource with minimal training or guidance. Then, post a descriptive and brief job posting to the right freelance jobs board. 

You’ll connect with capable candidates — and you can outsource everything from graphic or web design to Photoshop services. Need regular, or just more, administrative help? A virtual assistant could be the solution to your needs. Plus, a VA can even handle household tasks — like re-ordering Fido’s food or scheduling a grooming session for Fluffy.

In addition, outsourcing can also help you with your pet’s needs. You may notice that your pup is most energetic midday, right when you hit your creative marathoning hours. Hiring a dog walker could help fulfill both your pet’s needs and your business ones. 

For other kinds of pets, it’s less likely that you’ll need someone to handle training or regular care, apart from grooming. But if your pet enjoys an occasional pampering spa day, that could free up your time for more business-related tasks — guilt-free.

CBCInked Wrap Up: Tips For Your New Pet and New Business

Bringing a new pet home while growing a business may sound like a tricky situation to navigate. But if you’ve made the decision to add a furry friend to your household, there’s no reason you can’t balance work and play and still feel fulfilled and empowered. 

Both your pet and your business can contribute great joy to your life if you take the time to nurture both! 

This article is a guest post by Cindy Aldridge of Our Dog Friends Organization. If you’d like to submit a blog idea, reach out to me, any time. 

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