Podcast Fails (For Beginners)

Podcast fails

Did you start a podcast and immediately fail? Oh, I did.

I just started a podcast with my good friend. It feels like it’s the biggest learning curve of my life. Even though I’ve been listening to “how to start a podcast” podcasts.

So, today I share with you my podcast fails.

Let’s find out how what not to do when you start a podcast.

So, You Started a Podcast

Yes, you guessed it. My good friend and I started a podcast.

We had been talking about it for years and then one day, we just scheduled it. Apparently, that’s how you start a podcast, you just put it on your calendar.

Dr. Sarah Porray, of Soul Blessed Healing and I created the Deep Feels and Comedy Reels podcast in 2020 and have been putting it on the calendar ever since.

Here’s what I learned. It’s easier than I thought. But also hard.

Podcast Fail #1: Audio

This may be a common failure among new podcasters, but the audio was a tricky one to get down.

To preface, we have minimal tools that we work with on Deep Feels and Comedy Reels (DFCR). We use Mac computer audio and Zoom…so, that needs some work.

Here’s the audio fail.

I was recording from my computer and my voice is loud (we call it passionate in my house). Dr. Sarah was miles away in my Zoom window and the contrast between the two voices was not enough, even with headphones.

Dr. Sarah sounds miles away too!

So, we fixed this by getting some tools. Dr. Sarah got a microphone and headphones (from her lovely hubs) and she sounds like a rockstar now, thank goodness! But….alas, we had audio issues the first few episodes.

Podcast Fail #2: Music

Before we get to the fail, the awesome thing about our podcast is the jingle.

I got lucky and Dr. Sarah’s husband is a musical genius. He created this amazing podcast jingle (tune in to the episodes to hear it, you’ll like it) and it really makes us happy.

In fact, every episode, we are boppin’ in our seat.

Here’s the fail.

I messed up the the first episode‘s audio because I forgot some key things.

You need two windows open to operate the recording of the podcast and the podcast jingle. So, I would click over to the window to hit record, then click over to the window with the podcast jingle to play the music. Then back…you see how it’s already a fail…

The podcast jingle plays and I fade the music down till it’s off, then go back to the recording window and start the podcast.

I returned to the regularly scheduled program and forgot the sound was down. So, at the end of the episode, we wanted the music to play again and the jingle was delayed because I was fumbling for the music to be turned up.

The moral of the podcast story is this, just let the jingle play out at the right time you want and don’t turn the sound down.

Fail #3: Recording

Have you ever had the best event in the world and forgot to record it?

That has happened to me once (not on this podcast) and it was a nightmare. A variation of this happened to me while transferring the recording to the episode.

If you’ve ever used Anchor before, it’s pretty easy and I really enjoy the interface. But the linking of the recording to the episode is a little confusing at first.

As you can see, it’s not complicated. And I am a fairly technical person.

So, here’s the fail.

We record our first episode and it says recording the whole time. The red light is on and the timer is going. I know I recorded.

When the episode is finished, it doesn’t automatically attach the recording to the episode, it waits until you’ve filled out the information. You then have to manually upload the recording.

I entered all the details of the podcast but the publish button was grayed out. The recording minutes said 0.

My heart fell out, ya’ll.

I had to go back to the dashboard and select the recording to attach to the episode, and that took me a minute to figure out. I thought the recording did not record. But it did!

Anchor, you may want to add a little assistance there for newbies.

At least, we didn’t lose the episode!

CBCInked Wrap Up: Podcast Fails

Let’s face it, podcasts really aren’t podcasts unless you fail first.

The real glory is learning from each of these failures and not doing them again.

The good news is that we’re getting some listeners (and some compliments!). One of our cute listeners said that our voices are nice to listen to and that we are actually funny. 🙂

So, don’t let these podcast fails stop you from making your dream pod. That’s what all the cool kids say now, pod.

As always, I’m here if you want to share your podcast fails, or better yet – if you want to be on the podcast! Reach out any time.

And, give our pod a listen at any of your favorite podcast spots.

Cheers to failing and learning!



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