Slack Groups: A Guideline for Growth

How many Slack groups are you a part of? 3? 17? It can add up quick!

The power of Slack groups can be huge – if you work it the right way. If you’re not sure what Slack is or does – check it out! It started as a great way to communicate for remote work and ended up being a dual tool for marketing. I really enjoy Slack and find it as a great tool for communication.

Here’s what we will cover:

  • How to join Slack groups
  • Learn Slack etiquette
  • Engage for growth
  • To pay or not to pay
  • Your Slack Action Plan
  • Bonus: Start your own Slack group!

How to Join Slack Groups with Purpose

Before you get invited, request to join or start your own Slack group…share other content before your own to see the result!

Partnerships are made by lifting up others, supporting their goals and bonding over common challenges. So be sure to partner up on social before hitting Slack.

I work a lot in the partnerships world as a digital marketer. I have learned quite a bit about building quality relationships! I even wrote an article to help other marketers. 10 Partnership Building Tips for Marketing and this applies to Slack!

Let’s talk about etiquette…

Slack Etiquette

The first rule of Slack is to be nice. That is pretty much man law everywhere, but it’s an important reminder as you are joining a new community.

No matter what you have going on in your life, be sure to act professional, respectful and kind. It’s a time to bond together over common challenges, not cut other people down because they may not understand.

Slack Engagement Tips

When you join a new Slack group, take a moment to observe how the group works. Read the community rules and follow them, respectfully.

Start by adding yourself to different channels. If there is a welcome channel, be sure to introduce yourself and your brand. If there is an option, invite the group to view your website.

When you’re added to channels, observe behavior first and follow suit. It’s important to remember you are in another person’s community and that different Slack groups handle communication differently.

Ask pertinent questions. Involve yourself if you have something of value to share. Don’t push sales, help them with knowledge. Be open to various conversations and take your time to respond.

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Slack Memberships: To Pay or Not to Pay

As Slack gets bigger and bigger, there is going to be more demand for powerful groups. If you are offered entry into a Slack group and there is a monthly fee, you do need to assess what value you will get out of it.

The bottom line is to make sure you have the budget to afford a monthly cost. After that, you would want to ask how you can use this Slack group to leverage lasting partnerships, increase lead generation and boost brand awareness. If it doesn’t affect your ROI, it may not be worth it!

The number of people in the Slack group doesn’t matter as much as the quality of engagement.

Slack Groups Action Plan

Create a list of Slack groups that you would like to be a part of. Remember, they can add up! It can be a full-time job managing a bunch of different groups, so be choosy about which ones you want to join.

Here is a quick Slack action plan to start today:

  • Make a list of quality Slack groups to join
  • Create a list of goals you’d like to get out of each group
  • Connect with members on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook
  • Once invited, engage with the Slack group by introducing yourself and what you do
  • Block a weekly time on your calendar to check each Slack group and engage
  • Offer value, respectful commentary and support
  • Participate in events you get invited to
  • Be patient, consistent and positive – the partnerships will grow

ProductHunt has a great round up the top 50 Slack communities to join – good luck! I created a free webcast that you can tune in all about Slack Groups. Hope it helps!

CBCInked Wrap Up: Start your Own Slack Group

Don’t be shy! Building your own Slack group can be a great marketing tactic for growth.

As the digital age becomes more and more prevalant, it’s time to make sure we stay conneted in different ways. There is something a bit different abotu Slack groups, they are more intimate and require care, just like relationships in real life.

Make time for Slack groups and make them count!

Good luck and let me know how it goes. I am a part of a few Slack groups that you may want to check out. Marketing Professionals, HubSpot, PressTribe and Ladies of WordPress are all wonderful communities that have helped me grow.

Now get going, slackers! 😉

You got this.


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