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Hey! New to SEO and looking to build some links to your website the good old fashioned way?

Even if you’re not familiar with the good old fashioned way, I am going to teach you how to build links through the power of content.

Yep! Blogging again. 🙂

Start creating your blog topic ideas now because you are going to need a solid article to make this happen.

Build a Blog with Quality Links

As you create blogs, keep in mind that you want to include 5-10 external links. These are considered shout-outs to trusted brands, companies you want to partner with and people you would like to support.

Your first step is to start writing. Write an awesome blog post and get these links included! If you don’t have time for blogging, I know a few content tools that could you help or you could outsource your content writing.

CBCInked does it again with these awesome link swap tips. It’s time to build partnerships with your #blog. 😉 #linkswaps

Reach out to Offer Link Swaps

If you have a trusted community, great friends and an awesome support system – you are doing it right.

Reach out to these people and offer a feature in your blogs (or vice versa!) Include them in your content and let them know how much you appreciate their expertise. This opens the door to quality link swaps – meaning that you can include yourself on their blog to drive organic traffic back to your website.

It’s a win-win for both parties because sharing is caring.

Here is a quick example! This is Dr. Sarah Porray, she is a Chiropractor (amongst many other amazing things) at Soul Blessed Healing in Marietta, GA. Not only and I going to give her a shout out in this blog, I’m going to link to her website (in this article and also linking from the image below). Then I’m going to reach out to her and let her know I feature here in my latest post! Knowing her, she will happily share it to her community and the web of link swaps have begun.

Soul Blessed Healing

Manage Link Swaps

Create a document with your blog log, publish date and the links included. Keep this updated, as this are going to be your “Link Building Partner” funnel.

Give first. Offer a link to their content first!

Make time. Schedule a block of time in your calendar to check this at least once a week, it can slip away from you easily!

Be sure to limit yourself to 2-3 requests at a time. And when you reach out, be kind, courteous and offer value (ALWAYS).

Be patient. Growing organic website traffic and relationship building both take time.

And…if you’re going to keep track of something, you mind as well make it pretty. I created a link building partners checklist that makes sure you keep track. This is just one example of what is available to you in the Marketing in a Box course.

Link building partnerships checklist

How to Run a Successful Link Swap

There are rules in the link swap game! First things, first – link to others. Here are the rest of the rules for linking out:

  • Use trusted brands, people you’d recommend and trust.
  • Find an article they have written that is relevant to you.
  • Link to them from your blog.
  • Reach out and let them know you featured them.
  • Keep track of it in your Link Building Partner funnel.

Now you’ve established respect and trust for the brands you are recommending. And you are offering them the ultimate win – a feature! Everyone loves to be mentioned.

Now it’s time to get some skin in the link swap game. Here is how to properly request links:

  • Send them your featured article with the link included.
  • Politely ask if they would like to collaborate on a link swap.
  • Offer a few anchor text options or blogs you found where you could include mentions.
  • Mark it in the Link Building Partner funnel.
  • Schedule a time in your calendar to follow up if you’ve got a yes (or a no).

Remember, link building partners are not a one and done scenario. If both of you are producing consistent content, you can throw links their way quite a bit! Keep those calendar reminders updated.

Interested in learning more about marketing? Download the free eBook Marketing in a Box with marketing training, templates and resources to grow your brand.

CBCInked Wrap Up: Link Building Ideas

I love link building through my blog!

It’s one of my favorite things to do because I’m lifting up others. I am offering a solid recommendation and passing along the goodness of people. Also, I often support local!

Keep blogging and keep linking out – it will all come back to you. Here are a few ways you can spread the link love:

  • Create a listicle article of all your top favorite brands
  • Add a testimonial or quote from the person you’re linking to 
  • Add a Click to Tweet to any article for a cool way to feature someone
  • Add a “Related Tools” section in the post featuring your favorite brands
  • Add your new Partners to your website

Good luck building partnerships through link swaps! You got this!

And, as always, I am here for you. The Marketing in a Box course is now available to you and you can learn all about building lasting partnerships with your marketing efforts. It’s an easy to swallow marketing course that you can learn at your own pace.



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