Mental Health Tip: A New Pet May Be What You Need

Mental Health Tip: A New Pet May Be What You Need

It’s time for a mental health tip! A new pet may be exactly what you need as we move into a new chapter of 2020. But are you up for the responsibility?

In just a few weeks since widespread lockdowns were enforced because of COVID-19, more and more people have welcomed pets into their homes. And for good reason, too.

In a time of so much fear and uncertainty, pets can offer comfort and companionship, which can be truly vital in maintaining one’s mental health. However, this also entails taking responsibility for another living thing, as well as a commitment that goes well beyond the pandemic.

So if adopting a pet is something that feels compelling to you right now, refer to the links below in order to make an informed decision.

Mental health and pets

Research Your Options

If you find yourself gravitating toward an animal based on its cuteness alone, stop yourself and take an assessment of your lifestyle and living situation. If you live in a small space, for example, a big dog may not be the best choice for you!

You want to make sure that the pet you choose is a good fit; that they can live a healthy lifestyle! Here are a few resources to help you learn about pet ownership:

What You and Your Pet Need

Before bringing your new pet home, you’ll need some supplies around the house.

Having several cool toys around the house and a pantry full of healthy pet food will allow you to focus on bonding with your new friend. By being prepared, you can focus on the positive aspects of new pet ownership — as opposed to scrambling around for what you need!

Pet Care Tips

Of course, pet ownership isn’t all fun and games — you need to make sure you take good care of your animals. This includes discovering ways to show your pet that you truly love them and finding a vet that you can trust and rely on in the case of an emergency.

By taking care of your pet, they will, in turn, take extremely good care of you!

Dog Etiquette

Wrap Up: Mental Health and Pets

Welcoming a pet into your home—not just in the pandemic, but also beyond—could very well be one of the best decisions you will ever make. However, you do have to do the due diligence and learn everything there is to know about keeping a pet—the good and the bad—in order to truly make it so. That, alone, will truly speak of how ready you are for the responsibility.

This has been a guest post shared by Aurora James at Dog Etiquette! Their mission is to help dogs everywhere because there is no such thing as a bad dog. Check them out! If you are interested in creating a guest post for the CBCInked blog, reach out. I am always open to fun collaborations (especially when they involve cute dogs).

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