Sticky Notes to Success System

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Is there anything better than checking something off your to-do list? 

With all the technology that can help you be more productive, I wanted to share my old school – nontech – system for success. Yes, it actually involves real paper and a pen. Remember those? 

When it comes down to getting things done, it can get lost in the digital mix. When you are assigned actions that need to be done, you are in charge of your own time. You are in charge of when that gets done. 

What work processes or flows do you use that help you stay productive? There are loads of programs, software tools and calendars that will help you achieve more. But what habits have you formed that really get the job done? 

Mine are all on sticky notes (or Post-it Notes, if you want to be fancy about it)! 

Who else loves sticky notes? #CBCInked breaks it down with the “Sticky Note System for Success” – I’m diggin’ it! #productivity

Why Sticky Notes?

I wish I would have taken stock in Post-it notes because I’m sure have paid my fair share in purchases. 

So you may be asking, why sticky notes, Caylin? Why are you physically writing things down when we have one-touch tech at your fingertips? Here’s why… 

When something is filed away in a folder, do you remember to use it as much? Not me. 

When I close out my tabs, there is no guarantee that I will remember to get things done. But when a bright hand-written note is on my desk the next morning, I know exactly what to do. 

When something needs to be done, are you going to guarantee that your mind will remember to do it without writing it down? Definitely not me. 

So I rely on both my technology and my penmanship. I set all the calendar reminders, add all the events with notifications so as not to skip any of my daily activities. So I DO use technology for recurring tasks on my daily agenda. 

Where the sticky note system comes into place is when I have larger goals, whether on a daily weekly or monthly timeline. These goals have actionable tasks related and have to be done outside of my everyday activities.

Hence, the sticky note system was formed and has worked for me since day one. (And I have now passed down to my stepdaughter. The husband didn’t adopt it as much.) 

The CBCInked Sticky Note System 

Are you ready to learn this wizardry? It’s really not that complicated…and maybe people are doing it everywhere! Here is the CBCInked Sticky Note System for Success (that’s the official title apparently): 


  • 3 long multicolor note packs
  • 3 short multicolor note packs
  • 2 different color pens 
Sticky Notes by CBCInked

Break out your action steps on the notes. There may be 3-5 different notes that are going at one time because each one has a different time in which it is due. Some of the tasks that you write on one may lead to another! 

  • The first note is for large to-dos that may take months. 
  • The second is for the medium-sized tasks that can be handled in weeks. 
  • The third is for the small daily tasks you need to get the large to-dos done, daily. 

Create checkboxes for the action items on each list, I know it sounds silly, but try it. Or get a fancy notepad that has checkboxes on it! 

Sticky note system

As you work through each task, you can check them off individually. There is something that happens mentally to your brain when you manually check something off your list. It helps you feel worth and achievement for your day – no matter how small the task. 

When the note is almost full, transfer the remaining checkboxes to a new note. I call this the waterfall technique, it allows you to see what you accomplished that day and what the overflow is. It is a scoring technique for how productive you were for the day and how much you have left to do. 

There is a reason I don’t cross things out, and rather use a checkbox style and that’s simply because it looks prettier.

To recap, I create checkboxes with large, medium and small tasks. Check them off as they are being completed and consolidate lists accordingly. Evaluate what was completed and what is left to do. 

PRO TIP: Don’t let your older sticky notes get piled up on your desk! Consolidate and throw away those old ones – that also feels good! 

Personal Sticky Notes for Success

The beautiful thing about the Sticky Notes for Success System is that it doesn’t have to be JUST for work. You can incorporate this system into your personal life too – because you may need a little organization in that area. 

Here are a few other ways you can use the sticky note system for your personal gain: 

  • Ideas – jot down your amazing ideas on a sticky note, even if you can’t achieve them right then. You can even create an entire board of these “idea” notes and challenge yourself to complete them.
  • Quotes – these are fun as you come across things that mean something to you – write them down! Share these quotes in places you will see them to help you remember how it made you feel.  
  • Communication – it doesn’t have to stop with just YOU! Share other sticky notes with your friends and family. There is nothing like a little note to make someone’s day.  
  • Personal self-talk – as you know I am a fan of affirmations (hence creating Artfirmations) and that sometimes you need a little pep talk – with yourself!
Sticky notes for personal help

CBCInked Wrap Up: Sticky Notes for Success System 

The important thing to learn is that you are learning ways to be more productive. You are also learning ways to get things off of your mind.

Don’t get mad at yourself if you haven’t checked everything off your list. I’ve been working hard at being more productive in my life. I launched the Marketing in a Box course and had to stay on top of my game!

I hope this system has helped you to do more, be better and stay happier! What types of things do you do to stay productive? I’d love to know!




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