How to Overcome Virtual Fatigue (2020)

How to Overcome Virtual Fatigue

It’s funny. If you would have said to me ten years ago that in 2020 I would be saying the words “virtual fatigue” I would have laughed right out loud.

I mean come on, are we really tired because we can’t go anywhere or do anything? Do you know how silly that really is?

Here’s the cold, hard truth, folks. We can’t get mad because things are CHANGING. We are always mad about something – whether it be viruses, injustice or Jar Jar Binks, we have to start letting some things go.

If you are experiencing #virtualfatigue, you may be doing the whole virtual thing wrong! Here’s my it-sort-of-works attempt at overcoming virtual fatigue in a social distanced world – @CBCInked

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Transitioning Social to Virtual

A lot of us fight change. I get it. I do too, at first.

If we learn to pivot alongside change instead of going against the grain, it may help us to accept the changes that are happening. If you are a Bruce Lee fan, you know you are supposed to “be water, my friend” – but what does that mean?

Being like water means you literally take shape to your environment. If you have pivoted from online conferences to virtual meetings, so be it. Let it in! Try and make it the best because without this option, you would really be alone.

I know it’s not like the real thing – meeting someone in real life is irreplaceable. I get that. I miss my peeps and want to hug all of them tightly. However, if you had to choose to never see them again or at least see them virtually to laugh with – what would you choose?

Give the social side of virtual a chance! Don’t just book a meeting with work – book a happy hour with friends! The team at GoWP put together a “Virtual Happiness Hour” on Fridays at 3 PM ET in the Niche Agency Owners Facebook Group and I look forward to it every week! Some Fridays, its the reason I get up and get ready…

My advice? Act like it’s a party! Get dressed up, set up your camera, get your light going, get some good vibes in and chill with your peeps. Hey, it’s better than nothin’! And I bet that you will be happy to “see” them regardless if it’s in person after it’s all over. You’ll say, well that was fun.

Mix in social with professional!

overcome virtual fatigue

Association Mindset: Virtual vs Meetings

The mindset behind virtual is that those of us who have been working remotely for years have had the “dread” of having to go on meetings. Since we associate virtual with work meetings, it automatically shines a negative light on it. We have to change our mindset so that the virtual events become a positive thing too.

I’m lucky because I actually enjoy my meetings at my job! I’m also “anti” virtual fatigue because I worked remotely for 6 years before the pandemic. I was used to virtual everything.

I’ve learned that the mindset should shift from dread to excitement.

You should take a break from the constant workflow (close those tabs!) to see the people that bring you joy everyday, if even for a moment. Your meetings should be filled with positive wins, challenges to overcome together and laughter to get you through. If your “meetings” don’t have these qualities, it’s time to look for a new job.

Are you registering for events you are ACTUALLY excited to go to? I sign myself up for events outside of work just so that I can have some fun!

Change the mindset from negative to positive and put your ALL into your meetings or virtual events. Always come with your A-Game, looking sharp and contribute something positive to the conversation. Be the light that shines in the Zoom room!

And then book your happy hour after.


Change your Schedule: Social and Professional

Another way to overcome virtual fatigue is to mix up your calendar a bit. If you truly are tired of meeting online, you may be doing it wrong!

Calendar checks are important for downtime and unplugging. If you are going from one event to the next, you don’t even have time to NOT be virtual! Give yourself days in between events where you can be yourself and get your work done.

Make yourself some goals to NOT have too many events in one day, week or month. Each event does need to be something that is meaningful, can help you grow or help you with your own relationships (self care 101!).

Change up the calendar and stop blaming the virtual event.

CBCInked Wrap Up: Beat the Virtual Fatigue

Anything can happen. I am learning to roll with the punches. I hate to tell you this but we may be in for a long haul of virtual events, meetings, doctor appointments, happy hours and maybe even funerals.

Who knows! You most likely will have to get on the virtual bandwagon and hang on tight! My advice is to take it slow, sign up for what you want, change your mindset and make some time for Zoom fun.

Here’s a recap:

  • Mix in social and professional to the virtual flow.
  • Change your mindset from dread to excitement by being present on your virtual events.
  • Let your virtual meeting or event BE the reason you get up and get ready that day.
  • Change up your calendar and take breaks from the virtual world.

What things do you do to overcome virtual fatigue? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Shoot me a message or reach out to me!

You got this!



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