How Leaving Life for 3 Weeks Brought me Back

How leaving life brought me back

Burnt out? Thinking about leaving life?

Yeah, so is the whole world. It’s the end of summer in 2020. The whole world has been on fire for months without any sign of it going out any time soon. Burnt out seems to be the nice way of putting it.

Here’s what I did. I left my life for three weeks in order to bring myself back. I’ve never done anything like this before – leaving my schedule, my routine…my bed.

I learned some things that may help you at this time of your pandemic – I mean your life.

Just go

Here’s what’s going to happen when you start to plan to leave for three weeks.

You’re going to have a mini freak out, stress about what needs to be done, and probably fight with your significant other.

You’re going to wake up in the middle of the night and say OH NO THE PLANTS. Yep, those plants are going to be fine. Unless they die. That’s still okay.

I talked myself out of it about 30 times. It’s easier than you think! My advice would be to turn off the media and get it in the books. If you’ve told your family you’re coming, it’s locked in.

So, I left my life for three weeks and went to sunny Florida to spend time with my family.

Here’s what I did – the good, bad and the ragey:

  • I planned hardcore – coordinated with neighbors, lawn care workers, vets and my family to make this happen. It takes a village to leave one.
  • I cleaned the house pretty much all day every day – more for my energy than to actually have a clean house.
  • I over packed like a crazy person. I packed WAY too much but it made me feel better so I will probably do it again.
  • I fought with my significant other about dates, schedules, cars, dogs, and literally anything and everything because we were both stressed about leaving. It’s inevitable but somehow helps because you get the rage out.
  • I prepared everything – the car, the dog, the backyard, the kitchen, the garbage, the tech, the mailbox, literally everything. Make a list, that helped me. It felt awesome to crumple it up when I left.
  • I didn’t read the news. Turn it all off. It will try to instill fear in you and make you feel like you need to stay put. Shut that down.
  • I just went without overthinking it. Yeah right, I TOTALLY overthought everything. But I went.

Just go. Get in the car and go. Get gas first, but just go.

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Let go of the schedule

So if you’re anything like me, you love a good schedule.

Here is what you have to do when you leave your little schedule behind. You have to let it go. You can’t have the schedule when you are outside of your regularly scheduled program. The place is different. The people are different. It’s…amazing.

At first it will be hard to change up the routine. Don’t fight it.

Your color coded calendars will be there when you get back. Try to just roll with it and see what happens. Take away the control of the calendar, if only for a moment.

You will still have to follow through with your responsibilities. Still work, clean, exercise and keep your self care schedule going. Just try the non-plan plan and you will still get it done. Trust me.

I am amazed at how much I got done outside of my schedule. I would say I was MORE productive because I was happier.

Also, my Mom and my sister always make me laugh and I found I was so much happier just to be around them. Laughter really is the best medicine.

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Let in something new

One of the best things about leaving your life is the opportunity to let in something new.

This can take on many shapes! Letting in new people, new experiences, new schedules can all be very cathartic during this time. Being open to new opportunities and taking chances that you wouldn’t normally take if you were at home is huge.

It’s trips like these that can help you take on a new perspective about your life. You can learn new things about yourself and your thresholds – so seize that opportunity! Cherish every moment you have with your loved ones – seriously. It’s a crazy time and anything can happen so be sure to let it all in.

The goal of the trip is to help you. Remember that!

CBCInked Wrap Up: Results of Leaving my Life for Three Weeks

My advice is to take a break.

It doesn’t have to be for three weeks, but take a break. When I got back to reality things were easier to deal with. Sure I was sad that the vacation was over, but it was good to feel tired. I felt so happy that I shared memories, had some laughs and took pictures to last a lifetime!

When I got back it was easier to focus. My work felt easy, my mind felt lighter. I saw my productivity increase and my mood lighten. I treated other people better including myself. I found that I was able to handle things better.

Even though you do go back, it’s important to take a beat. Removing yourself from the everyday routine is healthy for your mind, body and spirit.

Need more help dealing with the global pandemic or just life in general right now? I wrote these two articles to help:

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Thanks for reading about my journey. Have you taken a break and saw results? I want to hear all about it. Reach out to me any time. And just go. Seriously.

You got this!



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