Rise through the Mud or Let Go of the Root

lotus flower

Trying to let go of something?

I’m starting to figure out how to let go of the things I can’t control. It only took me 39 years. The ultimate question remains…

Do you rise through the mud or do you simply let go of the root?

Rise Through the Mud, artwork by CBCInked

We all know the story of the Lotus flower, right?

According to LotusFlowerMeaning.net, the lotus flower is considered pure as it is able to emerge from murky waters in the morning and be perfectly clean.

The lotus starts at the very bottom of the muck. It forges through the mud, where it blossoms once it’s free. We as humans have been known to go through some mud. We have been known to break free of it and learn how hard it can be, right?

My question is – do we have to fight through the mud or do we have to let go of the root to truly be free? Here’s what I learned.

Rising Through the Mud

What does it mean to rise through the mud?

The lesson here is that you have to learn how to tough it out, take the hard path and suffer through the mud in order to truly experience happiness (IE your blossom).

When does the “mud” stop? Do we have to keep having hard time after hard time to experience that release towards happiness? I think not. But we will get to that.

If your muddy waters seem to be dragging on forever, then when is it truly time to understand that you’ve been through enough and it’s time to blossom?

All good questions if you are on the pursuit of happiness, like I am.

thoughts on a sunset

Letting Go of the Root

As you know, I am a stepmom, wife and dogmom. I am also a full time marketing and sales professional, custom artist and a social girl living in a social distancing world. This has all taught me one thing. I need to let go.

I am not going to start singing, “Let it go” like Elsa, but I am going to change my approach to happiness.

I have been on the pursuit of happiness since I was born, I believe. My mission has been to find happy in all that I do. So when you go through muddy waters, your pursuit can be thrown off track.

When the COVID19 pandemic struck my household, my entire pursuit was changed from learning how to deal with everyday life to learning to survive. That changes you.

Here’s what I learned:

  • You can’t control anyone but yourself
  • You have to let your loved ones be them, not something you want them to be
  • You need to slow the hell down
  • You need to manage what you consume
  • You need to purge what you consume
  • You need to allow others to deal with things in their own way

Here’s how I changed my behavior accordingly:

  • I watched and changed my reaction to things as that’s the only thing I can control
  • I stopped inserting my beliefs, comments and advice and just listened
  • I stopped saying yes to everything and started being real with my responses
  • I turned off the news and turned on my music, meditation and affirmations
  • I let go of the negative energy with walks, healthy food and positive conversation (and my acupressure mat!)
  • I accepted other people’s opinions and let them go

In this context, I believe I let go of the root. I was trying to control everything and everyone around me and it just wasn’t working. A global virus doesn’t care if you have control over your life – it does what it wants and when it wants it. You need to evolve or die trying!

Additionally, here are some apps to up your health and wellness game.

Caylin 2.0 - Custom Artwork

CBCInked Wrap Up: You Do You

Listen, babes and dudes – you do you.

I participated in the fear of COVID19. I rode the emotional rollercoaster that everyone else was on when this thing started up until this moment. I yelled, screamed, pouted, cried and punched through this pandemic with all my fierce stubbornness. The virus didn’t care about my plans, my birthday, my family or my health. I learned things about people and their opinions that may sever relationships forever! It was ROUGH.

However, there is a silver lining.

I learned that letting go of the root allows you to truly kick back and say – that’s out of my hands. By simply caring about how I feel ONLY, it allows your spirit to take a break. You don’t have to save the world, you just have to save yourself.

Let go of the root AND rise through the mud.



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