10 Steps to Help Deal With a Global Pandemic

10 Steps to Help Deal With a Global Pandemic

Real talk – I feel I have failed myself in learning how to deal with a global pandemic.

I know there are three million people saturating your feed with news about self-isolation, quarantine, and the evil COVID-19. I’m not writing this for you. I’m writing this for me because I’ve learned some things about myself during this time that deserve to be documented. For historical purposes.

If you’re just stepping into my blog, do NOT think that this is the normal me. I practice wellness, positive energy and calm vibes all day! That’s why I failed! I let a global pandemic destroy the positive energy shield I built.

Here are ten steps to help deal with a global pandemic.

10 Steps to Help Deal with a Global Pandemic

The day that my husband walked into my office and said, COVID-19 has made it’s way to the USA, I thought of all the various horror movies I had seen about viruses. I even thought of zombies. So, that was my first thought. Don’t worry it gets better.

I did the unspeakable. I let the fear in.

It was small at first. It was a tiny fear that grew every minute…fear that we might have to change. Now we all know how everyone feels about change, however, this wasn’t a change that was drastic. It was much like a virus that was slowly going to infect my life.

The fear grew to panic attack levels. My body was in more pain then ever before. It was time for a change.

It was time to go back to the basics.

Step 1: I tuned out

The first thing I did was turn off the news and request that my friends and family do not talk to me about it unless it was good news. I knew what I had to do, I didn’t need to see the train wreck happen. I had to tell my husband several times to please stop telling me all the bad things that were happening and that if he wanted to inform me on something other than me having to stay home and stay healthy, it would need to have a positive side.

Step 2: I talked it out

The second thing I did was lean on my support system. I called my sister, my Mom, my Dad, my friends, I even talked through things with my dog. I text them more than I ever have – not all about this – just stuff. I text them about my day, just checking in. I am very grateful to have a lot of people that love me and now is the time that makes me realize how very important that is. Call everyone you know and tell them you love them.

work outside to help mental stress

Step 3: I went outside

The third thing I did was increase my outside time. I went out in the middle of the most pollinated season and just took it like a champ. I walked more, I bought a new hammock and rocked more, I worked outside more – whatever I could do outside, I did it. Never underestimate the power of nature. I began to appreciate the air and the breeze every walk I had.

Step 4: I found a new happy

The fourth thing I did was try to find alternate ways to be happy. I got out the games, puzzles, books, cards and crafts. I rearranged furniture, threw out old stuff, organized closets. It was starting to feel good to purge. Ivy and I came up with fun things to do. The puzzle has been the single best thing I have done for myself. It literally makes you focus your brain on just that – I highly recommend it.

COVID19 Meme - toilet paper

Step 5: I surrounded myself with happy

The fifth thing I did was surround myself with happy things. I only watched funny movies and shows, I only listened to joyful music. I only sent funny things to my friends and family. I shut out any negative energy from all sources on a massive level. Ivy helped with this one. We tried to make each other laugh. This worked pretty well.

Step 6: I let my emotions out

The sixth thing I did was run through the course of my emotions and accept that they were happening. I lost jobs, I saw people getting sick, I saw people dying…it was a vast array of different emotions that were changing by the minute. We are a family of three and the rollercoaster of emotions from all three of us were intense. I decided to accept that they would be there, let them come and let them go. Whether that be anger, tears, happiness or sadness. I let them in, let them be and then let them go.

Step 7: I refocused my energy

The seventh thing I did was realize that my energy at work was fuzzy, distorted and wrong. I realized that my role had shifted and I had to learn new ways to cope. I am in sales and marketing and my world was online, in the media, all day long. That was not healthy for me! I refocused, did deep dives online when I needed to and found new ways to focus my energy. It was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do this pandemic.

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The family decided to dress up for dinner, it makes a difference. Try it!

Step 8: I learned to laugh about it

The eighth thing I did was really learn to make fun of it all. It’s not always easy, but the internet makes some really interesting stuff when it wants to. The memes, gifs and jokes that are coming out of this global pandemic are literally insane! Plus, Tiger King came out and that was the best thing Netflix has ever done.

Tiger King

Step 9: I changed my habits

The ninth thing I did was change habits that were excessive, destructive or wasteful. I learned that I was using way too much toilet paper before all of this, that’s for sure! I changed habits of taking care of my body, my family and my house. I increased my use of CBD to alter the negative affects on my body. I was training my step-daughter to be a healthier person all while we were slighting ourselves on these habits. Fear causes you to re-evaluate your habits.

Step 10: I rested

The tenth thing I did was have a mini-meltdown about the state of our world and learned I need rest. I listened to my body and just shut down. I took baths, read books and slept late. After all, there isn’t much that needs to be done! If you aren’t working on your habits, health or daily wellness at this point, what are you even doing?

CBCInked Wrap Up: Fail, Learn, Move on

I totally bombed this whole pandemic thing in the beginning. Did anyone else?

I look back at myself a month ago when all of this started and I’m ashamed I wasn’t stronger. I have been training for this my whole life! I live in chronic pain, I can do THIS!

Thank you to all of you who have helped me through this time. I pray that you are happy, healthy and going to make it through this. Stay safe, stay home.

Just know, if you are freaking out – you are not alone.

I hope these ten steps to help you deal with a global pandemic have…well, helped! Whatever this is.



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  1. Love this! Yes, I too failed myself in the beginning. But ultimately I found things that helped me refocus – many of which you mentioned here. Exercise, getting outside in the fresh air, turning off the news, and connecting with people I care about have been especially key for my well-being during this time. Thank you for sharing!

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