Top Instagram Artists to Follow (2021)

Top Instagram Artists to Follow

Where do you find inspiration? I find it on Instagram!

I realized that I had a choice to follow people, brands and companies that inspire me. My feed consists of positive energy, artists, encouragement, good vibe quotes and probably some celebrities. Shout out to Matthew McConaughey, you are just crushing it.

The sheer talent on Instagram alone is epic.

Follow the hashtag #art and include this in your Instagram feed, trust me. You will see some magical art daily! Disrupting the day with creativity is a great way to stay inspired. That’s why I compiled this list of top Instagram artists to follow ASAP.

Instagram hashtag art

Add these artists to your #Instagram feed right now. ? You will be so happy you did. #CBCInked

Top Instagram Artists to Follow

These artists listed have motived me personally to be more creative and step outside of my own head. They are all extremely talented in their own unique way.

Following these artists will brighten your day, spark hope in your creative side and encourage mental strength.

Here are my picks of Instagram artists to follow in 2020.


Jeremy Brown

Jeremy Brown

Owner / Artist The Art of Jeremy Brown

Founder of Love is Art

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Design

Resident Badass AKA Love Affiliate

Jeremy Brown art


Alvin Chong

Alvin Chong

Artist / Owner Art of Alvin

Tattoo Artist at Studio.artofalvin

Inking, Drawing, Tattoo Design, Abstract

Inking Warrior AKA Polarized Artiste

Alvin Chong artwork


Franklin Lei

Franklin Lei

Vis Dev Artist / Illustrator ArtofLei

Traditional Painter at Franklin Lei

Visual Developer, Illustrator, Digital Design

Professional Commute Sketcher AKA Gamist

Franklin Lei instagram art


Pascale Taurua

Pascale Taurua

Owner / Artist Taurua – Pascale

Fashion Designer at Taurua Boutik

Abstract, Fashion Design, Painting

High Heel Capturer AKA Rockstar Painter

Pascale Taurua artwork


CBCInked Instagram

Caylin White

Owner / Artist CBCInked

Creator of Artfirmations

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Drawing

Positive Energy Person AKA Affirmation Queen


Charmaine Olivia

Charmaine Olivia

Artist / Owner of Charmaine Olivia Shop

Instagram Influencer

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Watercolor

Rainbow Goddess Warrior AKA Color Curator

Charmaine Olivia  artwork


Chris Guest

Chris Guest

Owner / Artist of Chris Guest Print Store

Art Workshop Instructor / Painter / Reseller

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Design

The UK Van Goghist AKA Ultimate Portraitist

Chris Guest artwork


Curtis Wallace

Curtis Wallace

Founder of The Be Wear

Art Instructor at the Be Creative Studio

Abstract, Painting, Design, Fashion

Yogi King Muser AKA Expert Entertainer

The Be Wear


Eric Canete

Eric Canete

Artist at Essential Sequential

Illustrator / Concept Artist

Concept Art, Illustration, Drawing, Design

Comic Extraordinaire AKA Shadow Master

Eric Canete instagram art


Glenn Arthur

Glenn Arthur

Owner / Artist of Glenn Arthur Art

Visual Artist / Gallery Art Connoisseur

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Visual Art

Art Nouveau Enthusiast AKA Life Admirer

Glenn Arthur instagram art


Gian Galang

Gian Galang

Owner / Artist at GianGalang

Artist / Illustrator / Painter

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Design

The Bruce Lee of Art AKA Painter of All

Instagram artist


Greg Mike Instagram

Greg Mike

Artist Designer at

Founder / Creative Director of The ABV Gallery

Creative Direction, Muralist, Painting, Design

Incubator of Artists AKA Splasher of Streets

Instagram artist Greg Mike


Jessica Durant

Jessica Durrant

Owner / Artist of Jessica Durant Illustration

Fashion Illustrator / Workshop Artist

Abstract, Drawing, Painting, Fashion Design

Lifestyle Illustrator AKA Canvas Beautician

Instagram artist Jessica Durrant




Owner / Artist Kelogsloops

Digital Artist / Watercolor Expert

Digital, Watercolor, Painting, Design

Dream Chaser AKA Art Time Suspender

Instagram artist


Meg Ryan Flanigan

Meg Ryan Flanigan

Owner / Artist Meg Ryan Flanigan

Illustration / Digital Art Master

Digital, Illustration, Drawing, Design

Your Favorite Artistic Bartender AKA Fire Fox

Art Instagram


Matthew Evans Art Instagram

Matthew Evans

Owner / Artist Matthew Evans Art

Muralist, Illustrator, Design for Hire

Abstract, Mixed Media, Painting, Design

Friendly Neighborhood ATLien AKA Rapperartist

Art Instagram


Art Instagram

Peter Neill

Artist at Art Station

3D Character Artist / 3D Illustrator

Animation, Illustration, Painting, 3D Design

Artist of the Future AKA 3rd Dimension Coolist

Peter Neill Art Instagram


Owner / Artist

Rashelle Stetman

Owner / Artist

Fine Art / Designer at Blackbook Gallery

Abstract, Tattoo Design, Painting, Fine Art

Artistic Adventurer AKA Full Time Freelancer

Owner / Artist


Owner / Artist xsullo

Nick Sullo

Owner / Artist xsullo

Pop Surrealist / Digital Artist

Abstract, Digital Art, Illustration, Design

Cybernetic Picasso AKA DigiPunk

Owner / Artist xsullo

CBCInked Wrap Up: Instagram Artists FTW

I hope these artists inspire you!

Better yet, I hope you fill your social media news feeds with positive, motivating and empowering people. The world is a crazy place, please choose the path of good.

If we are going to allow tech to be a part of our creativity, at least be inspired by the greats around you.

If you would like to be added to this list of Instagram artists to follow, please send me a message! I love following new art.

Catch you on Instagram, friends!



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