How to Transform Attitude to Gratitude

How to Transform Attitude to Gratitude

I’ve realized something. Turning attitude to gratitude can change your life.

Being a wife, a stepmom and a human being…gratitude goes a very long way. When you reach a level in your life where you have to stop fighting the fight, it really helps to switch your mental wellbeing to an attitude of gratitude.

Do you ever find yourself caught in the middle of minor battles with yourself and others and you think, why? This is such a waste of my energy. Yeah, me too.

Here’s what I have learned about how to take on an attitude of gratitude and how I train my mind to think with gratefulness daily.

The Daily Grind of Gratitude

Being grateful doesn’t come naturally unless you are an angel, saint or a magical wizard. Which you might be. I am not.

Having an attitude of gratitude comes from realizing that you need to train your mind to think in a positive way! You need to take a beat and realize all that you have to be thankful for. When you’re in the middle of life stuff, this can be challenging.

Here is how I keep gratitude in my life on the daily:

  • Before my feet hit the ground in the morning, I say thank you. Thank you for another day.
  • Before I fall asleep at night, I say thank you. Thank you for another day.
  • When something good comes my way, I say thank you. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • When something bad comes my way, I say thank you. Thanks for the lesson, I’ve learned from it.
  • When I have something I can’t understand, I say thank you. Thanks for the challenge, I will solve this.

Having an attitude of gratitude is a mindset.

You can turn every single one of those items on that list into a negative reaction. You can start your day wrong and end your day angrily. You can get upset about bad things coming your way…it’s all about how you frame it in your mind.

Gratitude is a choice.

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Have Gratitude for Yourself

Do not forget to thank yourself!

If you thank your husband for doing things around the house and even the waiter for bringing your food, don’t forget to thank yourself for the good things YOU do.

This is a big one that falls by the wayside. Raise your hand if you don’t take enough time on yourself? I see you out there, raising those hands. It’s a natural thing, to put others above yourself. Again, this is a mindset.

  • When you do something little that needs to be done (and you really don’t want to do it), thank yourself!
  • When you do something big that took you a long time to do, thank yourself! In fact, celebrate it a little.
  • When you overcome something mentally that you have been struggling with, thank yourself.
  • When you know you have a challenge ahead, thank yourself for the resources you have to solve it.
  • When you have a moment of time to yourself, thank your body for carrying you through this life.

It may sound silly, but try saying out loud! Try saying it to yourself in the mirror or even with family at dinner. If you are raising a family, how nice is it to show gratitude to your children?

Let’s raise our children to have a little gratefulness for the things that they do.

How to Transform Attitude to Gratitude

You will not always be able to take the gratitude path, let’s face it. You are not perfect. I am definitely not perfect!

There will be times when you will be forced to put a little spice on it! Your emotions will take over and you will react with attitude, not gratitude. That’s okay!

Here’s the best way you can manage the attitude and transform it to gratitude:

  • Be aware that you are reacting with attitude. Simply note that your emotions are high.
  • Be mindful that you can control the attitude and transform it because you have power over these emotions.
  • Justify your emotions by going over each step, tracing how you got to this point. Is your attitude warranted?
  • Breathe. Taking a few deep breaths before you react with attitude can change the outcome dramatically.
  • Find ways to incorporate gratitude into the situation even if you don’t want to. Insert gratitude where it normally would not be.
  • Thank yourself for being so calm, cool and collected about it. Take notes for the future!

Remember finding an attitude of gratitude is a WIP! In fact, YOU are a WIP. (Read – you are a work in progress). #attitudeofgratitude #CBCInked

CBCInked Wrap Up: Go Gratitude Go!

Just in case you needed to hear this today, thank you.

Thank you for taking the time to read my posts, to cheer me on and support my art. Thank you for being an amazing human and liking this post!

Thank you for being a supportive audience and sharing this.

It feels SO good to thank someone, have you noticed? Go out there and thank someone today, no matter how big or small the task. You want to go big? Thank a STRANGER!

Gratitude goes a long way, my friends.

I am grateful for you!

Keep going.



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