3 Ways to Embrace Change for Positive Growth

3 Ways to Embrace Change for Positive Growth

What do you think of when you hear change is coming? You definitely don’t embrace change, I know that for sure.

Does it strike a little fear in your heart? Be honest, it does. Even just the word “change” has a feeling of dread because it means that things will be different. Your gut reaction is to say, no thanks, I’m good.

Welp, life doesn’t care if you’re good! Change will come whether you’re ready for it or not. It’s time to embrace change and master the art of letting go. Clear as mud, right?

Let’s find out how we can learn to let change happen in a positive way and how we can plan for the future to grow.

the art of letting go

How to embrace change for growth

Again, change is going to happen. It’s inevitable.

What does change mean to you? Does it mean that you have to be different, that your life will go off course or that you will have to learn to adapt? And are those bad things?

Let’s look at it like this. Say things NEVER changed. You would be in the same position, doing the same things that you always do and there would be no room for growth. Now that is something to be scared of!

Here is how I’m trying to embrace change naturally in my life:

  • Control my reaction to it
  • Look at all sides of it
  • Plan for it

Seems easy enough. Let’s unpack that a bit.

Control your reactions to change

Controlling my reaction to change means that when the news hits (and it may hit hard) that I don’t freak out.

It’s completely normal for people to lose it when they hear change is coming, however, it really helps nothing. So I try to stifle my inner worry-wart and just try to remain calm when any news hits me. I know I can do this because I have built up my warrior shield to battle negativity and am armed to handle bad things that come my way.

How do I physically do this? Breathe. Sit with the information. Be still. Don’t scream. Ha! Anything I can do to keep calm is key to controlling my reaction to change. If the change is something little, you still need to control those little reactions just as much.

Look at all sides of change

Much like an argument or a debate, there are many different sides to change.

When you first get hit with any news, your brain may naturally go right to the dark side. (Insert Star Wars quote here.) Or maybe it’s just me? If it’s me, then I still need work to do. If you tend to think negatively about change, try your best to turn that ship around.

Often, there are changes being made that ultimately benefit you! You have to seek them out of course, because at first it will just grind at your nerves simply because it is foreign to you.

Being open to change is great, but you will need to find all avenues of this change to truly have it benefit you in the long run. Just look at all sides, weigh your options, even write them down!

There’s an app for that! Here are a few apps that will help you plan for change by the Balance Small Business.

Planning for Change

Planning for change can either be extremely daunting for you or it can be exciting.

Don’t forget, your life is a ‘choose your own adventure’ type of situation! Planning for change can be a very fun and exciting time, if you let it in.

We’ve talked about how to control your reaction to change along with how to look at all sides of it. Now comes the wild part. You get to plan your life around this change – in a positive way! Mentally you should be thinking of the ways you are going to rearrange your life so that it fits this new change into it in a positive way.

If you go about your day trying to work this change into your life with anger, resentment or worry – it will not fit into your life naturally. Not to mention what happens to your body when anger takes over. This article really opened my eyes about How Anger Affects the Brain and Body. Yeesh!

Every action step you take to make this new change a part of your life needs to have a positive spin on it. The attitude you take when you’re planning the changes makes more of a difference than the the action itself.

Take these two examples of how a “planning for change” scenario could play out:

“I will have to change three appointments in my calendar. Ugh, I need to call that person to cancel that… I have to rearrange my entire day for this! I don’t even know if I’ll have time.”


“It took some time, but I moved things around and now I am open to this new opportunity! I am so grateful that everyone was so understanding. I know that this schedule change is going to allow me the time I need to get everything done.”

Which one sounds better but is extremely hard to do? It’s all in the mindset.

Even if you don’t know if it will work out, you need to believe that it will. Those that ask for failure, usually get it.

Keep a positive mindset when you’re embracing change and it shouldn’t be an uphill battle for you. If it seems like a battle, adjust your attitude towards it and see if that opens new doors. Sometimes we’re just in our own way. #waystoembracechange #CBCInked

I absolutely love this comment from Psych Central from the article 5 Effortless Ways to Embrace Change – they say to “feel yourself grow“. That’s the key! Try to control your emotions, prepare for the good and feel yourself growing into the positive change. Boom!

CBCInked Wrap Up: Embrace change and it embraces you

I wish I could say that I embrace change 100% of the time. That would be a lie.

I am working on this just the same as you are! We are all a WIP and it really takes effort to create new habits and squash the negative mindset. My wish for you is that you will simply be prepared. Just be ready for what comes your way – good or bad.

The bottom line is that if you embrace change, it could embrace you. Have faith that changes are for the good and good things will come. One can only hope!

If you’re struggling with your mental health or staying positive, I’ve got your back. Been there! That’s why I created Artfirmations. Please take some time to read through each one and even say them out loud. I hope they help you in more ways than one.

You got this!



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