WordPress Community Building For Growth

WordPress Community Building For Growth

Whether you’re new to WordPress or a long-time pal, you have to admit that the community is one of a kind.

The people of WordPress are just plain genuine. They are all united under the same principle of passion for WordPress and it shines through whenever you meet them.

WordPress community

Have you been to a WordPress event and walked away thinking, wow that was actually fun?

I was invited to a WordCamp a few years ago and thought (don’t judge me) that it would be just another boring conference. It most certainly was not boring. It was the opposite in fact!

Let’s dive into the wonderful, wild world of WordPress and how to build a community through partnerships successfully.

This is what we will cover, WordPress peeps:

  • WordPress social
  • WordPress local events
  • WordCamps
WordCamp Berlin 2019

WordPress social

There are forums on the internet that WordPress peeps hang out on and you should too! These are great places for networking online and building your brand with a personal touch.

You can join 6,000+ friends on the social network WPFriends. This is a social network specifically designed to connect those that love WordPress. It offers a free login along with groups, forums, classifieds and a WordPress shop that may help your brand grow.

WordPress local events

One of the most intimate events in the WordPress community are it’s local Meetups. These meetups are created by local WordPress fans or community leaders and can range from being 3 members to 300.

WordPress meetups

Each city or county most likely has a Meetup dedicated to WordPress. Doing a simple search in your area should bring up the surrounding cities and locations available to meet up with WordPress fans.

These Meetups range from development training to building your WordPress website as a business. The opportunity you have here is to learn how to be better at WordPress but also to meet and connect with fellow fans as well.

Your goal at Meetups should be to find like-minded people who could possibly benefit you in your business.

You can learn a lot from students and leaders in the #WordPress space, simply by being a part of the conversation. #WordPressMeetups

If you can partner with a few people to become referrals, affiliates or promote products on your WordPress site, that’s great!


These are the jackpot of WordPress networking!

If you are truly looking to expand your network, build relationships and form partnerships you need to attend a WordCamp (or 10). These are amazing conferences that are put together by sponsors, volunteers and community organizers to bring the people of WordPress together.

Check out WordCamp Central to find out where and when the next one is being held!

WordCamp Central

When I first attended a WordCamp I was so excited to see all the people behind the brands that I learned to love. There was food, coffee and tons of smiling faces everywhere and I immediately felt comfortable being myself.

There are WordCamps that will have thousands of people (like WCUS) and there are some that will have a few hundred. Both have equal value! You may get a chance to meet some “famous” WordPress people like Matt Mullenweg as well!

These WordCamps are affordable as well! Tickets usually start around $35 and often include snacks or lunch. They range from 2-3 days and are flexible with all different types of talks (called tracks). If you are a beginner, this is a great conference to attend!

The last day is usually a “Contributor Day” where students and leaders of WordPress lend their skills to help others. This is a great day to really connect with the community.

Your goal at WordCamps should be to look for great partners, potential companies to use and refer and talk about your brand. My advice is to go about it in a very non-salesy type of way. Don’t be the person handing out business cards and only talking about yourself! Be engaged in the other party!

If you are bold and experienced in WordPress, I highly recommend sponsoring, setting up a booth or applying to be a speaker. You will get a lot of value out of any one of those because that is increased exposure to the WordPress community.

WordCamp Jacksonville

PRO TIP: Save all your WordPress swag, buttons and stickers each time you visit a WordCamp so your lanyard grows and grows! Make the memories and keep them along with all the free t-shirts you will receive.

Build your network organically! Be yourself, be natural and be personable when you attend any WordPress community event. People will remember how you made them feel the next time you see them! Give hugs, give smiles and give good vibes only.

See you at the next WordPress event, friends!

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