How to Battle Negative Vibes Like a Warrior

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Not to be a negative Nancy, but bad vibes are all around you.

It’s like the dust you see floating around in the air when the sun hits it just right, you know? It’s always there but you can only see it if you look really hard.

As you probably know, my motto is positive vibes only. That doesn’t mean I beam positive vibes out every single day and negative things don’t affect me. I have just honed in the power of shielding negative vibes from harming my chi. It’s not always easy.

You are lucky enough to learn from years of me trying to figure out how to overcome negative vibes.

Here are some ways that I have learned to effectively overcome negative vibes (because they are undoubtedly going to happen):

  • Build your warrior shield
  • Pick your battles
  • Sharpen your positivity sword
  • Choose your reactions
  • Learn for future battles

How to Overcome Negative Vibes

You are going to get knocked down, let’s face it.

No matter how happy you are, no matter how hard you work to be successful, you will eventually fall flat. Understanding that factor would have been nice about 20 years ago, for me. Alas, here we are.

If someone had just said, Cay – your life is not always going to be butterflies and roses, I probably would have started to prepare warding off bad vibes earlier on in my life. But I was raised in a positive environment, had wonderful parents that loved me and had a pretty normal upbringing. Pretty much like most kids out there. We are going to talk about how to deal with negativity when you were never prepared to handle it.

Here is how to overcome negative vibes like a warrior. Suit up.

Build your Warrior Shield

You would never go into battle without your shield and sword, right?

Same goes for battling negativity. If you’re in the middle of an extremely negative time and you’re without your shield, you are going to suffer. Tremendously.

By ‘building up your warrior shield’ I mean you have to create an arsenal that can fight these vibes before the battle begins. Warriors dedicate hours to sharpening their swords and strengthening their shields, it’s the same concept.

Here are three questions you need to ask yourself when building up resistance to negativity:

  1. What am I doing daily to strengthen my mental and physical well-being?
  2. What am I doing mentally to combat negative thoughts?
  3. What am I doing physically to build up positive vibes?

The answers to these questions will bring you to your task list! What do I need to do take care of these things? BOOM.

Here’s what I did in response to each question asked:

  1. What am I doing daily to strengthen my mental and physical well-being? I meditate, I positively affirm, I breathe slowly, I practice yoga (sometimes), I foam roll, I go outside, I create some form of physical activity, I smile, I eat clean, I chug water, I take vitamins, I see my Chiropractor (not daily! LOL), I hug my family, I play with my dog, I take time off screens, I create art, I write, I read, I swing on my hammock, I text my friends and fam, I learn new things….I could go on. I will stop here.
  2. What am I doing mentally to combat negative thoughts? I practice positive self-talk, I check my complaints, I read and listen to positive influencers, I force myself to think in an attitude of gratitude, I calm my brain when it’s racing (CBD helps that), I take moments of silence when I feel mad, I leave the room when I feel bad vibes, I go outside when I feel frustrated, I watch what I eat when negativity crawls in. I also have been known to have a drink or two but that’s fiiiiiine.
  3. What am I doing physically to build up positive vibes? I walk my dog, I ellipticalize (is that a word?), I drink a ton of water and tea, I eat organically, I eat BREAKFAST, I do core floor exercises and stretching, I have a sit/stand desk, I get massages, I take vitamins, I move. You get it.

Your task list of building up your warrior shield should be all the things you know you can handle. Start slowly. It should also be an eye opener to what you may NOT be doing for your wellbeing.

Are you self-sabotaging your battle? Probably. I know I did.

Pick your Battles

This is still a WIP for me.

Pick your battles wisely. You’ve heard the phrase before but what does it mean to you?

Does it mean that you need to accept your flaws and others? Does it mean that you can’t get mad at traffic? Does it mean you should stifle your anger if someone makes you angry?

The types of battles that you’ll need to pick is on you. However, I have one thing to ask you.

Out of all the battles, big and small from years past, do you remember them clearly? Do you remember what you were worrying about even a few months ago?

Probably bits and pieces come back to you – I was worried about money, I was fighting with my spouse, I was in a custody battle. Those are pretty big. But what do you remember fearing or worrying about the small things? Not really!

News flash! That’s because THEY DON’T MATTER! So as you go about getting upset, frustrated or angry at something – ask yourself one simple question. Am I going to remember this next year? If not, move on.

Sharpen your Positivity Sword

Remember that badass shield you just built? It’s time to train with it.

Sharpening your positivity sword means you need to stop the negative power that’s being thrown at you on a daily basis. This is easier said than done.

Believe it or not, you’ve probably already had 10 negative things happen to you, today. To fight off negative vibes, you’ll need triple the positive vibes, whatever that means for you. Shields and swords ready! #positivevibesonly

Say you get hit with bad news right when you wake up. How do you combat that when you haven’t even gotten out of bed? You go back to your arsenal. What positivity do you have stored up that could fight the need to get angry or upset?

Oh wait, you’re a warrior now. So you have patience, breathe, create positive self-talk, think about the ability to process slowly and assuredly because you practiced this daily when things were going well. Right? Your shield is ready.

Harnessing your power simply means tapping the resources of positivity when they are needed most. The key is to not drain your wellness arsenal. Be sure to keep replenishing when it gets low! I recommend you include art therapy in there too if you can, it definitely helps.

Battle the negative vibes and move on. Then it’s right back to building back up again. Don’t drain yourself and wait for the next negative vibe to take you out.

Warriors don’t stop training after a battle!

Choose your Reactions

Notice how I said CHOOSE here.

Choosing your reactions is not exactly easy. Reactions are called that because you are re-acting to something that’s happening to you. You may jump to – “it’s not MY fault, or it was THEM that started it“…oh the irony.

To choose one’s reactions simply means that you have to stop before the reaction even happens, to assess if it’s the right one. A warrior would never just battle without knowing the basics in training.

Take what you learned in harnessing your power and test it in a negative vibe situation.

POP QUIZ: You have harnessed all the positive vibes and you’re feeling strong. A bad vibe comes your way – ZING! How do you react?

  • A) yell
  • B) cry
  • C) rage
  • D) breathe
  • E) eat chocolate

The correct answer is D) breathe. It just takes a minute but it may save you from so many bad decisions based on negative vibes that you might write me a letter thanking me someday. If you said E) eat chocolate, that can be after you celebrate your wins.

Choosing to react in a certain way will drastically alter the outcome of that negative situation. Choose to remain calm when you can – not always easy – but take a beat. Breathe for a minute and let your brain process.

Also, my amazing friend Dr. Sarah Porray and I play this fun game called – the “Glad Game”. When she or I are having a bad day or battling negative vibes, we will play this little game. We have to say three things we are glad about right then. It changes the mentality of anger to gratefulness within seconds. It doesn’t always last, but it puts your anger in check for a minute taking you out of that negative loop.

We are also huge geeks.

Learn for Future Battles

When a warrior gets home from battle they probably do two things. Thank God they’re alive and review what worked in order to win. Okay, they also probably drink mead too.

Let’s focus on the review what worked part here. Mead can come later.

When you go through a negative experience (big or small) you need to learn what worked for you to get through it. Maybe you stumbled, fell flat on your face and were a hot mess for a week and you say, welp, I’m never doing that again. Maybe you breathed through it, took your time with those raw emotions, consulted with your support system and took a walk to sort through the feels and you say, welp, I’m basically a warrior now.

Choose your own adventure! But whatever you do, learn from it. Take notes, write it down, whatever it takes – just learn from it for the future. #battlenegativeemotions

Negative vibes are only what you allow them to be.

Fight the good battle, warriors! You got this. Let me know your negative battle success stories. How did you overcome it? What did you do to fight the good fight? I would love to hear your story.



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