10 Tips for Positive Growth (2021)

10 Tips for Positive Growth (2021)

I’m not always positive, let’s get that out of the way right now. But I have done the research on the tips for positive growth over the years.

I’m also not always doing things that benefit my growth! However, I am always trying to learn, grow and be a better person. It takes a lot of effort, let me tell ya.

As the year closes and a new chapter, even a new decade begin, it’s time to work harder at being positive and growing in a good direction.

Here are ten tips for positive growth in 2021.

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1 Be honest with yourself

This is not always easy. We lie to ourselves all the time, don’t we? It may just be me.

If you are currently lying to yourself about your health, your relationship, your career or your life choices, you might want to stop all that noise. Lying to yourself does nothing but keep you in the same place, doing the same thing and being pissed about it.

So what are you lying to yourself about and how can you stop it? Here’s your tip for positive growth – stop lying.

2 Don’t waste time on toxicity

This is a loaded tip because this involves being around toxic people, eating toxic foods and being toxic in your behavior. I know, it’s a lot.

As you listen to yourself talk, are you being toxic to yourself or about others? Are you bringing toxicity into your home with a negative attitude or poor self talk? You might be and it has become a habit.

Kicking toxicity to the curb might be tough for you. It could mean you have to let toxic people go or that you may have to kick a dirty habit. But it has to be done.

Living a toxic life is not happening. Here’s your tip for positive growth – detox.

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3 Stop being something you’re not

I recently talked about being fake across your social media channels and I meant it. However, this also pertains to IRL (in real life). If you are going around being something that you are not, that could be crushing the real spirit of you – deep inside.

What the heck do you mean, Caylin? I mean that sometimes when we are around other people, we bury our true selves deep down and fake it for them. We put on a show because we know it’s what best for the other person. Nope. Not doing that anymore. We are going to do what’s best for US now.

This year, your tip for positive growth is to do what’s best for you and your true light will shine through. Promise.

4 Use food as your medicine

How are we doing on our diet, everyone? Still making all those healthy decisions and being a perfect fit person? Psh, no one is perfect.

Again here, it’s the effort you put into that will your body will thank you for. If you can feed your body good foods, it will be your medicine to keep you alive. Literally.

Be a label reader! Read the damn label and if you can’t pronounce more than three words in it, don’t buy it!

Your tip for positive growth is to eat less foods out of a box and more foods out of the ground.

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5 Cherish your loves

This one should be on your list every year.

We all need to be a little more patient, a little more kind and little more compassionate to those around us, not just our loved ones. We need to be better parents, better coworkers and better spouses. We need to be better to ourselves.

Cherish the time you have with the people you love but also the time spent with yourself. It’s important to be in the moment because they go by quick.

It’s already been a whole decade! How have you cherished your loved ones this year? Here’s your tip (you guessed it – for positive growth) is to love the ones you’re with.

6 Understand your weaknesses to improve them

What is your weakness? I have a few…

Mine are moving too fast, drinking too much and getting impatient with my husband. Also, I am not good with down time at all. How am I working on these things? It’s a work in progress.

The most important thing you need to take from this tip is that you need to understand your weakness. Understanding something allows for you to help, change or omit it. Just take some time to understand what’s wrong with you. It’s okay to say there is something actually wrong with you. You are not perfect. Sorry.

Understand, accept, change. Simple

7 Make time for the small things

Time is not going to stop for you or for me. We need to learn to adapt to the clock.

If you can simply take some time to do things for yourself, your loved ones and even your dog, life can be a bit easier.

What things would you do if you had more time? What little things would you incorporate into your schedule if you could just “make time” for them?

I would read more (even though I do every day), draw more, walk my dog more, sip coffee slowly more, visit my friends more, travel more, chat with my Mom more, craft more…the list is endless.

In the new year, make some time to do these things! It will be worth it.

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8 Don’t be your diagnosis

We are all getting older, every damn day. We all feel it.

If we have health issues arise during the new year, we will deal with it. If we have bad news for loved ones in the health area, we will deal with it. If we have to change behaviors because of health conditions, we will. If we have to help others through unhealthy times, we will.

And take some CBD!

You are not your diagnosis. Be brave and tackle what happens to you head on.

9 Save your damn money

Maybe just take a year where you aren’t buying pointless stuff on Amazon? Maybe let the bank account grow instead of sit there…

If you can start to think about the next decade, because it will be here before you know it, you should probably put the credit cards away. It’s time to just stop wasting your money and be happy doing nothing. Well you can do a lot of things that don’t require money, but don’t overspend.

This year, be frugal. Be smart and be savvy.

10 Never stop being silly

I love this one! I just had a good friend tell me that she was so excited I was coming over because she knew we got to be “silly” all day. That makes me so happy!

Being silly is not overrated. Laughter can literally cure diseases. Maybe not but it sure feels like it could!

Laugh, laugh, laugh! Be sure to find the funny in the things that may not jump out as funny and never lose humor in your life, relationships and with yourself. It’s really okay to make fun of yourself once in a while, it keeps you humble.

stay silly

Enjoy the decade! I will be right beside you with my stories, adventures and art.

Cheers to 2020!



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