11 Instagram Influencers to Follow For a Healthy Mind and Body


Instagram is a wonderful tool for wellness. These Instagram influencers have changed my life.

Whether you have just been diagnosed with something (like me) or you are just on the pursuit for a happy, healthy life – you need these people.

It can be massively overwhelming when you first hit the healthy lifestyle scene. Detox this, drink that, don’t eat that. It’s stimulation overload.

Take a deep breath. And follow the right people.

These instagram influencers (sorry about the buzzword) are real people that have helped me throughout my own journey.

I hope they help you too.

Here are the top 11 instagram influencers to follow for a healthy mind and body.

Anthony William


Why you should follow Instagram influencers like Anthony:

  • He’s the father of the celery juice movement
  • He uses natural methods to heal chronic illness
  • He takes a modern approach to healing
  • He responds to your comments and concerns like a real person

More info: medicalmedium.com

Megan Gilmore


Why you should follow Instagram influencers like Megan:

  • She has some of the most yummiest (and healthiest) recipes
  • She writes about how her recipes can detox your body in a natural way
  • She can help you with meal prep that actually works
  • She is just super cute

More info: detoxinista.com

Dr. Mindy Pelz


Why you should follow Dr. Mindy:

  • She is a keto genius if you’re into that
  • She believes that we need to change the way we look at health
  • She has thousands of amazing resources for you get your learning on
  • She has a series of health tests you can purchase

More info: drmindypelz.com

Dr. Mark Hyman


Why you should follow Dr. Mark:

  • He believes your food should taste good AND heal you
  • He has bitesize detoxes and courses you can take that don’t consume your time
  • He tackles Pagan meal plans like a boss
  • His recipes are available for free

More info: drhyman.com

Dr. Tommy John


Why you should follow Dr. Tommy:

  • He’s a chiropractor (yay for spinal health!)
  • He has innovative ways to strengthen the body that are kinda fun
  • He posts regularly so that you can follow along daily
  • He deals with injuries like a boss

More info: drtommyjohn.com

Dr. Jolene Brighten


Why you should follow Dr. Jolene:

  • She tackles women’s hormones (and every woman needs this)
  • She is expert at “real talk” and that is super refreshing
  • She is an expert at adrenal support and natural remedies to immune
  • She can teach your lady parts how to heal from birth control

More info: drbrighten.com

Lisa Fennessey


Why you should follow Lisa:

  • She is all about non-toxic beauty products (for our glowing skin)
  • She values an organic lifestyle and shows you why
  • She is all about helping our planet (love your Mother!) and that rocks
  • She is all about mindful living which is something we all need to perfect

More info: thisorganicgirl.com

Dr. Nicole LePera


Why you should follow Dr. Nicole:

  • She helps you believe in the power to heal yourself
  • She understands the power between the mind and body
  • She helps you gain control of your thoughts and emotions
  • She offers a free future self journal – that’s pretty sweet

More info: yourholisticpsychologist.com

Madisyn Taylor


Why you should follow Instagram influencers like Madisyn:

  • She has daily inspirational messages that seem to always vibe on point
  • She has pretty amazing horoscope breakdowns and courses
  • She has the cutest little gift shop
  • She rocks out an awesome community of discussion groups to keep the conversation going

More info: dailyom.com

Natalie Elizabeth Ellis & Dr. Danielle Canty


Why you should follow the Boss Babes:

  • These ladies rock the entrepreneurial spirit and make you want to do the same
  • They have a killer podcast that you can learn a ton from
  • They totally rule at teaching you how to grow your instagram community
  • They are a true inspiration for women everywhere

More info: bossbabe.com

Dr. Rhonda Patrick


Why you should follow Dr. Rhonda:

  • She is a literal scientist
  • She knows your body on a molecular level
  • She’s friends with Joe Rogan and has been on his podcast several times
  • She could possibly teach you how to live forever

More info: foundmyfitness.com

BONUS! And well, there is also me! #shamelessplug

Caylin White


CBCInked Instagram

Why you should follow Caylin:

  • She creates awesome Artfirmations for daily wellness
  • She sends out positive vibes daily
  • She is kinda funny and might make you laugh a little
  • She has an adorable dog that you will fall in love with

More info: cbcinked.com

Positive Mind Positive Vibes Positive Life quote

Instagram influencers for the win! These people have impacted me on my journey to wellness. They all have amazing skills that will teach you something every day.

Follow them with an open heart and an open mind.

And if you really feel compelled, share this post and tag me! I will be forever grateful.

A special shout out goes to my dearest friend Dr. Sarah Porray – who is my own personal health and wellness consultant, chiropractor and amazing woman. She helped me compile this list and you definitely need to follow her too!

SoulblessedDC Instagram

Cheers to you, friends!



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