Adventures in Artfirmations

The creation of CBCInked's artistic affirmations

We’re going on an adventure! The adventure of Artfirmations.

That’s all I can think about when I look back at my artistic adventures.  I went on the adventure of a lifetime.

Literally, I had no idea what I was doing, where I was going and what I should be wearing for it.  But alas, I stumbled upon the most artistic of all adventures and now it alllll makes sense as to how my Artfirmations came to be.

Yes, I said Artfirmations (TM). Yep, I trademarked that one.

Back it up.


I have been drawing since I was about 5 I would say, who really knows? My parents are both amazing artists, writers, creatives and I grew up in a house of art love.  My mom’s art studio was the place of all places to get messy, create some crazy ish and really truly let the artistic wild side fly.  That was my childhood!

Then in college, I struggled with figuring out what I wanted to do with life (who doesn’t do that) but the thought of taking an art class didn’t even hit me until my best friend said, “Why don’t you take Life Drawing?”

That was it – hooked for life.  Art took a hold of my soul and I just drew, painted, sculpted, crafted, and created.  But it was always “on the side”.  I knew my art wouldn’t pay up, I am a pretty realistic person.

As an adult, I just kept doodling.  I would fill up sketchbooks, draw up random tattoos for people and just create.  I have painted dogs, babies, frogs, zombies, you name it, it’s been drawn.

Art shows were had and prints were made.  Good times.

Then I began the “positive energy, channel good vibes” chapter of my life.  I started reading Wayne Dyer and listening to positive affirmations.  Tony Robbins may be my spirit animal.  And it dawned on me.  I need to put my affirmations and my artwork together in a beautiful, tangled up CBCInked mess.

Then Artfirmations happened.

Artfirmations are artistic affirmations for daily wellness made by yours truly.  They are pretty magical if I do say so myself.  @cbcinked

Here.  One of my faves.


I am energized.  Don’t we all need that!

Artistic affirmations are made to start your day with self love, they are designed to kick-start your day with gratitude, positivity, and balance.

Each day we start our days in whirlwinds.  The alarm goes off, you are up and worrying about the first thing you have to do or the ish you didn’t get done yesterday.

Hold up, take a minute.  Literally, one minute.


Read your Artfirmation.


How do you feel?

A .0001 percent better than you did one minute ago? I will take it.

Reading daily affirmations has a drip effect for the daily grind of life.  If you take one minute to be, accept what the day is, breathe in and read one sentence about your love of self, those minutes add up.

If you are not sure where to start, check out The Blissful Mind’s 25 Daily Affirmations to Improve your Mindset. Worth a read!

Pretty soon you are looking forward to those affirmations!  OOOOhhh which one am I going to get today, you get to choose or let the cards choose for you.

Check out this feature by CBCInked on The AvoCAREdo episode of Customer Service Life by Jenny Dempsey.

Look, life is hard, man.  It is a hard battle and we are not always warriors, let’s face it.  Sometimes we need a little help.  I would love to be responsible for a little love in this world.

Share it, say it out loud, have your kids do it.  Just affirm to yourself that you are amazing.  Because you are.

Artfirmations! Buy them, download them, I don’t care how you get here, just get here if you can —> Support @CBCInked and share and tag her on social.

If you are interested in learning the tools I used to get CBCInked off the ground, check out the article How to Lose a Job and Find a Career Gracefully. Good luck, friends!

Love you, mean it.



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