10 Ways to Let Go of a Whole Year of Stress

Let go of stress

Oh, 2017, how you have utterly crushed us all.  This year has been the rollercoaster that threw us off the track.

Good things have happened…right?  The bad seemed to outweigh the good just a tad…and we all dealt with it.  However, as the year grows dim and the days wind down, how did we really deal with it?  Did we sweep it under the rug and pretend everything was fine?  Did we actually deal with anything at all?

Fight or flight describes the epic battle of 2017.  How do we fight an uphill battle that feels there is no end in sight?  Here are ten ways to deal with a whole year of stress (before the year ends).


This is a big word.  But seriously, though, reflect.  Reflect on the things that happened.  This means actually sitting down with a pencil and paper (or your Mac) and write down the things that happened.  The good, the bad, the ugly.  When you are reflecting, be sure to take ALL emotion out of it.  Simply write it like you are writing a grocery list.  Invite your support system in to contribute to the list in case you blocked out some minor events.

A wonderful example is written by Anna Meyer, entitled ‘How to Reflect with Purpose on your 2017‘.   Really do it with purpose.  End your list with a consensus.  2017 was the year of ___________.  Again, leave how you FEEL about it out, for now.



Now it is time to really look at that list.  Read it a few times.  Feel the weight of it in your hands.  It is time to understand that these things really happened.  They happened to you, your family and the people you love.  There is no changing that, no altering the past, no ‘shoulda-woulda-coulda‘.  Really let it soak in that these things happened TO you, not BECAUSE of you.

The kicker is that there was a reason for each one of them.  Acknowledge the things on the list and also why they happened.  Did the good things happen because you willed them into existence?  Did the bad things happen because of poor planning?  Bad timing, a misunderstanding of your true path?  Acknowledge all without emotion.  Understand that everything that has happened has truly changed you as a person.

And just in case the acknowledgment is too much to handle, here are 16 Good things that happened in 2017 because the year wasn’t a complete garbage fire by Ayana Lage.

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This one may be a little tough for you.  Take a deep breath.  Get your list back out of the trash, because we know you tried to throw it away.  Read the list again with an open heart and an open mind.  It is time to accept the things that have happened to you and accept that you cannot change them.

How do you do this without getting angry?  You simply accept it because it is already done.  It is something that you don’t have to deal with anymore because it has already happened.  It’s over.  It’s done.  Yes, you may have the aftermath of dealing with it, however, it is something that is finished in your life.  Close that chapter and understand that you are still alive and you are still you.

Accepting these things can be very powerful.  This may lead to accepting other things in your life! Accept away! Harness the power, Tiny Buddha says it’s an amazing thing.



You might actually like this one.  Take the list and really let it affect you.  How does it make you feel?  Does it make you happy, sad, angry, confused, helpless, alone, supported, alive….? Feel all the feels.  Let them in and let them flow heavily.  Don’t be afraid to scream, cry, punch (preferably a pillow…) or simply just talk.  Talk about it and get it out of your mind.  Force it through the tough emotions and really say exactly how it affected you.

It’s time to vent that negativity out.  Here’s a little help in case the rage wasn’t enough, Six Great Ways to Vent Your Frustrations by Danielle Marie Crume.  Read it and weep, literally if you have to.




Alright, alright, you raged.  You vented until you couldn’t vent anymore.  You might feel a teensy bit better.  Or worse.  Either way, you attempted to purge and that is what’s important.  You need to remember that it is okay to rage every once in a while.  Please do it responsibly.

Now you have understood your anger, it’s time to repair those feeling of rage and rewire them into something useful.  Anger is not useful.  You need to channel that out and repurpose the feelings left into something positive, something worthwhile.  What feelings are left?  Do you feel that the year has left you with a sense that now you can handle anything?  Grasp onto the feelings that are left and attempt to weave a positive note into them.  Ye, it hurt, but it didn’t kill you.  It could have, quite possibly, in the most minuscule way, made you stronger?

Be thankful

Amidst of all of this, you just have to stop all that you feel, all that you have learned to accept and just be thankful.  Be thankful you made it through this year.  Be thankful for all that you have still.  Be thankful you are living, breathing and have the ability to be thankful.


How to Practice Gratitude During Hard Times by Day Designer will help you actually do this.

This next one might be a bit tough at first.  You must be thankful for all the bad things that have happened to you.  Thank whomever you need to thank for the angry feelings that all the events have caused.  This may feel fake, false.  You just have to try to genuinely pull it up from a deep place and attempt to make it as real as you can.

Allow change

This one can be somewhat fun if you let it.  Allow yourself to change just a bit.  Once you have accepted and understood that these things have happened and you have thanked them for happening, it’s time to think about the future.  How will this change you?  How HAS this changed you?  You will then allow yourself to be okay with the change that is happening.

Change is hard for people, it’s natural.  Rewiring your brain to understand that change is a very good thing can be healthy.  Change is not going to hurt you, it will help to heal the ways in which the stress caused tiny fractures in your life.  Change is in the air! Here are 7 Steps to Changing your Life before 2018 by shestough.com


Reach out

This is a two-fold process.  Yes, it means to reach out to your loved ones, your support system.  Yes, reach out to those that have helped you throughout your year.  Reach out and thank them, give back some love and really truly honor their presence in your life.  Reach out and let them know how much they mean to you and how much they have helped you through this process.  Cathartic, this will be. (in my best Yoda voice)

Also, reach out to yourself and see where you are mentally.  Take a few deep breaths in the mirror and really study your face.  Look at your body.  Where is it?  Is it clouded, is it clear?  Reach deep inside yourself and ask a few major questions.  Do you like what you see?  Do you feel there needs to be some changes made physically?   Do you enjoy your body, mind and spirit? Analyze this just for a bit and let it sink in.


Health and wellness is and should always be your number one.  You can’t pour from an empty cup.  A great reference for the new year is the Health Advocate Blog.  Your body is your temple and the mind will follow.  Not to mention, you can rock out those cute clothes and feel amazing!


What’s the quote… “I love it when a plan comes together!”  Right! Well, a plan that comes together has to start somewhere.  So!  Let the fun begin.  The new year means new beginnings, in every sense of the phrase.  This means you can create your next year so that you don’t have to go through this again!

It’s time to put a plan together for 2018 that will literally CRUSH your goals!  Get up, get your shield and your sword – let’s do this warrior goddess!  You can be anybody.

I don’t know about you, but I love to organize, color code and prioritize my calendar.  It should give you a sense of worth to fill your days with new amazing things to do.  Check out this awesome workbook at Hello Peaceful Mind for 2018.  #Goals

Enjoy time

This one is the most important of all.  Get back to enjoying your time!  Don’t forget to have fun, let loose and enjoy the time you have.  Don’t get stuck in last year’s rut.  Enjoy your people, enjoy yourself and most of all, enjoy your life.  It’s yours.  Make this year, the best one yet.

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Now TURN IT UP and dance around your kitchen! “Enjoy your Life” by Oby Onyioha {https://youtu.be/RZdWtSCmCWo}





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