How Art Can Heal Your Soul

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Here is a real life story of how art can heal. When I was 20 years old I got a gift card to a spa for a relaxing massage.

It was a much-needed escape until the masseuse said, “You have a large mass on your shoulder.”   When words like that hit you, there are things that go through your mind instantly.

Am I going to die?  Can it be removed?  And worst of all, WHAT IS IT?  Mental whirlwinds take over and you are left with doctors and surgery and healing.  And you are left with hope.

The removal of a benign lipoma meant two things for me.  One, this was my life scare moment that kicked my butt into gear and made me appreciate life on a whole new level.  And two, that there will be scars that forever remind you of that fear.

Art can heal. Here’s how.




This is where art comes in.

Art can be more than a picture on a wall.

Art can be a source of energy and ball of light for many different things.  For me, it was a source of life.

In the photo above, you see a cherry blossom tattooed on my left shoulder.  This was done two years after the removal of a potentially cancerous mass.  The scar left was ugly.  It was a reminder.  It wasn’t me.

Art swooped in and inspired the blossom – the cherry blossom – the Tree of Life!

My hand furiously drew it, like it poured out of me! When the drawing was done and the scar had healed, it was time to heal a little bit more.  With Art.

Tattooing my artwork on my scar on my body was healing me.  The mirror would no longer remind me of it.  Each branch would now scream, “You are BEAUTIFUL!”

Drawing, design, art of any form can be a source of healing even if you don’t know you need it.

I am not saying go out and tattoo your entire body, of course!  Just learn to cope and deal with things that happen to you by sourcing the energy of Art.  It’s important to remember that time heals too.

But art can heal your soul. 


Scan 20

The best part about this story is that my lipoma was completely removed with no further complications and it has strengthened me knowing I got through it.  My family even named him, Fred the Fatball.  Bye, Fred!

Without art, I would be staring at that scar every day.

Instead, I see the beautiful bent branches of a beautiful tree full of spirit, full of me.  Over the years, I have added to the tree.  I’ve added blossoms, extra branches, and longer roots.  Inside the roots, I added the words “Own it” and it has become my Mantra.

Own it – and art can heal, ha! 


CBCInked Wrap Up: Whatever you’re doing, own it.  

I could have crumbled.  I could have sagged under the weight of despair when I had this happen to me.  Instead, I faced it head-on and embraced with the only tool I had.  Art.

Cheers to those going through some ish in your life – if you can surround yourself with beautiful art, it is guaranteed to help the soul.

Take it from me, Caylin Brie.



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