How the Marketing Game Finds You

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The marketing game is changing all the time. 

Some people say that a field of interest will call to you.  Some go as far as to say you will know it (you will FEEL it) when you find it.  And, some have no idea what they are doing at all and it just hits you.  Bam – square in the face, here it is real life. And it is fierce.

Note to all: it’s only fierce if you let it be fierce.

“If you’re serious about changing your life, you’ll find a way. If you’re not, you’ll find an excuse.”  ― Jen Sincero, You Are a Badass: How to Stop Doubting Your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life

Growing up with a family of “loud talkers” taught me one thing.  The louder you are the more you are heard.  I found the easiest way to be myself was to speak my mind.  I started learning how important communication was at a very young age.  As soon as you start listening to understand instead of listening to speak, the world changes.  (We have all heard that before I know).  Just really try it.  


Note to all: If you continue to listen to understand, you might like it.

So, sales.  Oh, Sales, you lovely beast. Sales is an aggressive industry.  It is not for the weak.  It is not for the thin-skinned. Which is why for years, I took the easy path…I chose to be an artist, I chose to be a teacher, I chose to be an instructor.  All easy, rewarding positions…that paid no money.  I learned then that “follow your dreams” meant to make things happen and have hobbies on the side.  

Note to all:  A hobby is a legit side hustle and I totally make and sell art on the side.  (Still in the selling vein.)


Work started to change for me, it became a challenge to find something worth my time and worth the pay.  I dove into the world of desk jobs, data entry, filing, copies after copies until I woke up one day and my life was incomplete.  Where was the reward for making sure the copies were in the right folder?  Where was the payoff?  

Note to all: Not saying that the job is not worthy – at all, in fact, I secretly love collating.


I started to change for ME, I became stronger in what I wanted.  I became braver in how to get it.  I started looking for marketing agencies willing to take a chance on a newbie in the world.  I started looking for places that would help me grow.  I looked at Leaders in my space.  Each place I worked at taught me new skills and sharpened my blade of confidence.  

Note to all: Read everything.  Like, all the things.  All the times.



The results shocked me.  People kept promoting me, telling me to get out there – get in front of people, pick up the phone and make the calls.  Each call I made sharpened my skills blade.  Each ‘no’ I got propelled me to try harder, change the formula, create a new path.  Each email I sent went towards my 10,000 hours of sales and marketing mastery.

Note to all – still working on my own 10,000 hours – I ain’t no master.  Yet.


Here is what I learned: marketing DOES choose you.  You can’t escape it, actually!  The qualities you possess steer you to people, growing, helping change and creating stronger companies.  

Marketing eats you alive, spits you out and asks for more, daily!  The only choice is to evolve, marketing and sales are not what it used to be.  There is no door to door salesman that will be taken seriously.  I decided to learn and get certified with @HubSpotAcademy to better myself.   Do what it takes to keep up with the wave of each generation. 

Note to all: Twelve years ago sales chose me.  I have no choice but to evolve.




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