5 Ways To Stay Inspired Daily

Life moves pretty fast…we all know the quote.  We all feel you, Ferris.  So, it’s sometimes a struggle to stay inspired?  So what?  You are HUMAN.  Remember that life isn’t always going to just provide you with motivation, inspiration and daily gratitude.  So you muster it up, you pull it out and you make it yours – but how?  Here are 5 ways to stay inspired on the daily.

1. Take your time and make waking up pleasant.

So many people are jarring themselves awake with the RRRREEEEEE REEEEEE of the buzzer – that is consistently going to make you go nuts.  Don’t worry, you WILL wake up without the loudest alarm on the planet, trust me.  Set your alarm to a tune of enjoyment, whatever that may be for you – and keep it a little lower than you think.  (Don’t call me if you are late to work the very first day you try this.)  Check out this for some alarm apps –Alarm Sounds that Wake you up right away Just allow your body to wake up slow, take its time – it’s a machine that is warming up to take on the day.  Each muscle, fiber and bone requires your assistance – listen to your body.  Even if it is 5 minutes, take them and treat your body to a nice stretch.

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2. Get up and move, baby.

Now, don’t get worried here – You are not required to run a marathon when you wake up.  However, you can take 10-15 minutes for just… movement.  Literally, just move!  You can be in your pajamas, your hair wild, your kids are running around you – just start moving.  The more active minutes you can do in the morning can help to boost your whole day with energy and love of self.  If you can plan a quick walk with your dog, a quick jump on an elliptical or just walk around your house doing laundry, you have accomplished more than getting up and sitting right back down.  The experts say 10,000 steps a day, right?  So in the morning try to get a few in with the Fitbit App, track it! Get up and move, baby.

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3. Actually eat real food.

You know what they say here…Breakfast is (fill in the blank), yes! It is the most important meal of the day, but did you ever ask yourself why?  If you really think about it, you have been sleeping for 6-8 hours (hopefully) with no food and no water.  The first thing most humans do when they wake up is put an inflammatory in their body, like our precious coffee.   Your body says, “Hey! Where’s the protein?  Oh, you aren’t going to give me any?  Cool, I will just store some stuff in your fat right here on your hips.”  And, just like that, we have affected the first four hours of our day, just by neglecting to eat.  LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.  It needs you.  Eat some eggs, strawberries, drink some lemon water, feed the soul in the morning!   Check out these great Paleo Recipes. Your energy levels will be up and your tolerance for the day will be higher. (And we all need a little help tolerating.)

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4. Read something, somewhere, somehow that inspires you, every day. 

So now you have survived the morning, you have completed your task of listening to your body, moving around and fueling it up!  Congrats you leveled up.  Now it’s time to tackle the mind.  Without your mind connection, your body is there just walking around wondering what to do.  What is that you need to channel into your life – what are you struggling with?  Money?  Relationships?  Health?  Time to start sending out some ships – Choose a book, website or portal to another dimension (wink) for about 5 minutes and just read.  I chose Chellie Campbell’s The Wealthy Spirit and I read one page a day – it’s perfect.  It helps me one page a time to get my finances in order.  I highly recommend chipping away at life this way, instead of letting it all pile up on you at once.

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5.The best part of waking up…. is Affirmation time in my mirror.

There are some that don’t believe in this.  Totally, cool.  If that’s you – skip #5.  If that is not you and you would love to try this “Affirmation” thing – read on, my friend.  It sort of changed my life a little bit.  Well, A LOT of bits.  Affirmations are not just YOU standing in front of a mirror feeling silly saying things like YOU ARE SMART.  No, it’s more – it’s believing each word, it’s knowing you have the power to be who you want to be because you believe those words.  Those who affirm correctly end up realizing more in that mirror than they do every day at their jobs.  Choose you affirmations wisely and say them correctly.  Here is a great way to do it: take a deep breath.  Take another one.  Stand in the front of the mirror with your shoulders square, your jaw firm and your stance strong (you can wear a cape if you like).  Say out loud with belief and strength in your voice: I AM EVERYTHING. I AM LOVE. I AM BLESSED.  I AM HAPPY. I AM HEALTHY. I AM RICH.  I AM BEAUTIFUL.  I AM THE BEST ME YET.  A variation of affirmations scours the internet, but here is a great link: The Power of Positivity. Go to it, now.

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