Energy, please

Oh, WordPress, how I’ve ignored you.  I missed you.  As always, you are here for me.

Time passes, fall arrives, the moon hits, the sun shines…all of the energy is consumed.  I truly am made of endless energy, always surprised by how much I have.  Or is it how much I can take?  I learned this month that there will be obstacles.  Each one is a little (or huge) test, and each time I pass I get to try something new.  As always, I am surprised by what I can do.  I know it’s not just the energy that got me through – it’s me.  *pats on back.  I also learned that people will be people, no matter what.  Literally, no matter WHAT.  They will be there and then – poof, gone.  And the final thing I learned is – that’s okay with me.

Now.  More energy, please.





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