Spreading my Angel wings

September is going to bring… better.  Betterness? Is that a word.  Nope, well just made it up.  CBC will have betterness come September, just watch.  New beginnings, having an open mind.  NOT freaking out about the stuff I can’t control. Hate that word – control.  Really? I can’t control things that aren’t important.  If it happens, it happens.  I told a stranger today that I was looking for answers…she said, “Maybe I am asking the wrong people.  Or maybe I don’t need answers.”  She asked me what I ‘did’ and with a loaded sigh I said, “I am an Angel.”

Answers will come when they are ready.  I just know that I am done trying to control my everything.  It is what it is.  Literally.  And I am going to love it and hate it and be with it.  Because that is what letting go is.  Spreading my Angel wings and letting go…


Here I go!


CBCInk is out and about – if you see me, stop me and ask if I have truly let it go.  (Just in case.)

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