20 Ways to do 11 different things…in 2011

In honor of the classic “resolutions” list we all do…here is CBCInk’s wish list for 2011.  Starting January 1st, all this is happening…

1.  Stay creative; grow creatively.

2.  Spend more time preparing for better things.

3.  Be willing and able to try new things, daily.

4.  Meet people simply to change their lives, and ask for nothing in return.

5.  Make new meals and make them better for me (and Pat) 🙂

6. Try to turn every negative thing into a positive.  Every time.

7.  Earn my money and spend it how I want to, without guilt.

8.  (I know this is cliche) Work OUT, like really work out, without excuses.  Build a routine that works for me.

9.  Plant a nest egg.

10.  Start a foundation for wellness for myself.  NO NEGATIVE ENERGY.

11.  Always move forward, never look back.  Plan ahead and follow through with everything I do.


These are big for me…let’s see if I can do it.  I will keep you posted.  Wish me luck!


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