Testing a Technique

Today was a test for me.  It tested how well I handle stress…and I probably got a C.  Things tend to hit me all at once, or at least it seems, and that has always been a challenge to me.  I have learned that everything happens for a reason, and putting that to the test is what it’s all about.

Techniques I learned today in class brightened my day, nonetheless.  One thing I learned was to make a list.  This is one of my favorite things in life to do.  I have been making lists since I could write.  So…here is my weekly checklist to sharpen my saw.

  • Be free of stress, clear your mind and engage creativity
  • Try new methods to draw old material
  • Finish tattoo design for friend (family crest) $50.00
  • Research business cards to be made, get pricing
  • Pay tire off ($140)
  • Be positive
  • Draw something everyday
  • Read all that helps to fuel my artistic juices
  • Spend one hour in nature to keep in tune with Mother
  • Focus on the end goal.  Success

This list will be checked off by the end of week, Sunday July 25th

Caylin out.

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