Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

Today, July 16th, 2010 I am making a personal vow to finish my 10,000 hours.  The way I figure it, I probably already have half accomplished.  I have been drawing since I was 6 years old.  I have been artsy in some way, shape or form at least once a day since then.

Pursuing my Fine Arts degree was something I decided to do after I had my first Intro to Art class freshman year in 1999.  Both of my parents are artists and they always saw a creative side to things.  After I put in my educational hours, I decided that I would need to perfect it by doing my own ‘thang’ on my own time.  I started filling up sketchbooks left and right.

In school, they teach you that you need a studio, you need an easel, you need a large canvas…  This girl needed her sketchbook and a wicked set of markers.  All I truly needed was motivation.  After I filled up one sketchbook, I just kept on going.  That was when I realized that people started to notice my work.  I would get comments like, “That would be a great tattoo!” or “Why don’t you write for Hallmark cards?”  and it became inspirational.

The following year I dove into Ann Arbor, MI head on in the hopes to be a part of their annual Art Fair.  I joined four unique boutiques that hosted my work and sold it without any cut!  Geechi Bleu ended up signing me on to design clothing for them.  I painted a mural for their outside advertisement and made them custom designs with their logo on it.  It was all happening!

‘Vault of Midnight’ was a comic book store that took my cartoons in and sold them for a cheap rental place and those sold like hot-cakes!  It became very exciting to check out all my new shops.

‘Fly Clothing’ hosted my prints in their Unique Boutique and I sold 5 copies during Art Fair alone.  Business was a boomin’!  I took some time to make business cards and create a small Flickr photo site.   There was also a boutique called ‘Foggy Bayou’ that I hand-made cards for and sold for a cheap price.  And it was at this point I decided to start selling my prints on ‘’ (before it was a scam site).  I sold a few and the checks were coming in the mail…

In the middle of my successes, my life altered and I decided to move…to Florida.  I needed a fresh slate and boy, oh boy, did I get one.  I still continued to sell things in Michigan, however it declined slightly.  After a while, I moved to Georgia to be with my current boyfriend, and here I am!

Now, I am ready to get back on the creative horse and get my art out there!  I started drawing again in January 2010 and am realizing that the life changing decision has changed my style – for the better!  It is exciting to see a new me in a new light.   I am ready to sharpen my saw!

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Marketing Magician, Influencer outreach specialist, energy enthusiast, sales girl, avid artist, life lover, public relations guru, marketing genius, recruiting angel, organic life-seeker, sandwich connoisseur, organizer of chaos, amateur life coach, semi-professional gamer, smile generator, sunshine sucker, and lover of all things creative.

One thought on “Today is the first day of the rest of my life…

  1. um… that was awesome. great to read about all your success. i love your art work. good luck to you.
    be well. be happy.


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